Black Mirror Season Five Trailers


One of the most popular shows on Netflix, Black Mirror, is set to return for a fifth season, with multiple trailers and teasers being released over the last few weeks, giving us a tantalising look into what we can expect.

If you’re excited for the season return but just haven’t gotten around to watching the trailers, or you’ve somehow missed one, here’s all you need to know before the new season starts.

Black Mirror Official Season Five Trailer

Released on the Netflix YouTube account halfway through May, the official trailer for season five kicked off the excitement, showcasing a variety of different storylines, as well as A-list celebrities, including the likes of Topher Grace (That 70’s Show), Anthony Mackie (Avengers) and even Miley Cyrus. If you weren’t excited enough before watching the trailer, you’ll definitely be excited after.

Black Mirror Episode Trailers

As if the official season five trailer wasn’t enough, a week later, three individual trailers were released, expanding (slightly) on what we can expect in some of the episodes. All released on the same day, it was a good day to be a Black Mirror fan.


Smithereens shows Andrew Scott – best known for his work as Moriarty in the Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock TV series – as a cab driver who struggles or one could say, hates, modern society’s obsession with technology. Topher Grace also makes an appearance at the end, although it’s not clear what we can expect from him.

Striking Vipers

The second trailer to be released, Striking Vipers, portrays Anthony Mackie as a family-man, a far-cry from where we last saw him on the big screen in the latest Avengers movie. Struggling with his daily life as a husband and father, Mackie is reunited with an old college buddy, which puts him on a different path.

Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Easily the strangest of the three trailers dropped, ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’, depicts Miley Cyrus as a pop icon (surprise) that has just released her own line of interactive doll robots, which fans can connect and communicate with. But with Cyrus’ character obviously dealing with some “issues”, expect the robot to go a bit crazy.

When is Black Mirror Season Five out?

With season five of Black Mirror coming to Netflix on June 5, it’s not yet certain if we’ll be seeing any more trailers or teasers in the lead up, but considering what’s already on offer, we’re not complaining.

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