How It Ends: The Netflix movie you’re going to love – and hate!


Every now and then a movie comes along that you just can’t shake out of your head – it leaves too many questions unanswered and keeps you wondering what might have been. You loved it, but you also hated the empty feeling it left you with. So, if you want a movie that’s both enthralling and infuriating, check out How It Ends on Netflix.

Fans of end of the world, post-apocalyptic disaster movies will naturally be drawn to the title of this Netflix Original – you know exactly what you’re going to get from the poster and trailer, if you actually watch it. Does anyone still do that?

But this is no ordinary end of the world drama, not least because the nature of the apparent disastrous event is something of a mystery. For most parts of the United States (of course), the event – which thankfully in a world of short attention spans happens pretty quickly – results in little more than a… power outage. But that doesn’t stop the almost immediate descent into total anarchy and panic on the streets. Imagine how you’d react if you couldn’t watch Netflix!

The army is quickly on the scene and fighter jets fly overhead, and the worst of everybody quickly spills out into theft, violence and gangs of masked scumbags hell bent on making the situation a lot more disturbing for the survivors than it otherwise would be. Remember, it’s only a power cut. Oh, and people out west aren’t answering their phones!

Instead of the usual survival flick simply playing out, we’re introduced to an intriguing subplot involving our two main protagonists, united by their love for a young woman (Sam) caught up in the mystery disaster on the other side of the country (Theo James as Will, a young attorney you’re not sure whether you’re rooting for or not – he’s the boyfriend – and Forest Whitaker as Tom, Sam’s former military father who knows a thing or two about looking after himself – you’ll definitely like him). These two don’t like each other (something about a boat!), which is pretty awkward given that Tom has flown from Seattle to Chicago to ask Tom for permission to ask Sam to marry him.

Their challenge – should they choose to accept it (which they do without a second’s thought because Sam also happens to be pregnant) – is to drive west to find and save her before… well we don’t really know. As you can well imagine, their long journey from Chicago to Seattle is far from straight forward, especially after they negotiate their way through the army’s road blocks and enter middle America which has overnight become a lawless society where trust has disappeared replaced by guns, murder and people driving around pretending to be cops. The power has been off a couple of days now to be fair!

So, it’s now a road trip end of the world movie, though details of the disaster unfolding ahead of them are still few and far between. Even when the movie looks like rolling to a natural conclusion, we’re hit with another bizarre, creepy, but fortunately short-lived plot diversion that you’re not really sure what to make of.

As for the disaster… you’ll have to watch and see. Then you’ll understand the love and hate thing.

Netflix downloading just got smarter

Netflix changed the game in 2016 when it launched a downloading feature to allow subscribers to download shows and movies at home to watch on the go. And it’s now tweaked things slightly to save you from that growing list of TV shows and movies you downloaded and watched, but never seem to find the time to delete afterwards.

To help solve this very first-world problem, Netflix has rolled out its new Smart Downloads feature that will automatically delete shows from your download list once you’ve finished watching them. Even better, it will automatically download the next episode of the show, if there is one.

It’s all part of Netflix’s mission to help users spend more time watching shows and less time browsing or doing other stuff, which can’t be a bad thing.

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