New post-war spy thriller ‘Traitors’ lands on Netflix Australia

We don’t know about you, but we’re in the mood for a new British spy drama to take over our free time – and the post-World War II spy thriller ‘Traitors’ is looking promising. Hot off the press from the UK, the six-part tense and emotionally-charged wartime series is set to drop on Netflix Australia on March 29.

What is Traitors?

Set in 1945 London in the aftermath of World War II, Traitors tells the story of Feef Symonds, an (unusually named) and very ambitious young British woman who is recruited by the Americans to spy on her own government to uncover a Russian agent. Feef, played by Emma Appleton in her first big acting gig (she had previous smaller roles on ‘End of the F***ing World’ and ‘Clique’), is underappreciated by her family who don’t see any aspiration for her besides settling down and starting a family. Having none of it, she signs up to become a British secret agent – a career that is cut short by the end of the war.

Selfishly frustrated, she becomes wrapped up in a romance with an American spy – her first mistake. She then agrees, at the encouragement of said American beau, to take up a job working for the Americans spying on her own country in the Home Office to uncover a Russian agent – this was the second mistake.

She is recruited by American agent Rowe (played by Michael Stuhlburg, Call Me by Your Name), who is convinced that the newly-elected Labour government, which saw a landslide win for Clement Attlee, is a sign of Russian influence. Feef works alongside Priscilla Garrick (played by Bodyguard’s Keeley Hawes, no stranger to the inner workings of the government) who is a civil servant in a senior role but has to work hard to be taken seriously. She is passionate about promoting women’s rights in the workplace, and takes Feef under her wing (because girls need to stick together).

Get ready to become invested in Feef’s life as she discovers it’s not that easy to get the best of both worlds (unrealistic expectations, Hannah Montana) when knowledge becomes power, and as the Cold War creeps in, power is everything.

Where and where can I watch Traitors?

Dangerous and enthralling, binge all six episodes as they land on Netflix Australia March 29, or you can check out the trailer above to get you in the mood for some tense spy action. There’s no word yet on a potential second season, but with the threat of the Cold War on the horizon, there may be more cloak and dagger action coming our way.

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