Shameless season 8 arrives on Netflix Australia


They are widely and unapologetically shameless – that’s right, the Gallaghers are back! After a long (and quite frankly brutal) wait, everyone’s favourite dysfunctional family is finally returning to Netflix in all their glory.

Accurately named, Shameless has provided us with seven seasons full of catastrophic, borderline-deadly antics and will continue to do so as the entire season 8 drops today (November 6) in Australia. The season finished airing on American cable in January, so it’s been a long time coming for us Aussies to get our hands on the full season to binge.

Shameless follows the hell-raising Gallaghers – Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl and Liam – as they attempt to navigate the highs and lows of Chicago’s South Side, whilst dealing with their father Frank. William H. Macy is back as the family patriarch, an unemployed, alcoholic and drug addicted disaster who treats fatherhood the same way most of us treat laundry – an annoying chore.

Season 8 picks up right where they left us, where we saw the Gallaghers mourning the death of their mother in their own (very) unique ways (don’t think we haven’t forgotten Fiona’s brutal punch to her corpse). Oh, and the kids are left with a $70,000 inheritance – in the form of a bag of meth each.

This season treats us to everything you are waiting for – and more. We will see Carl taking it upon himself to sell their ‘inheritance’ for his siblings, whilst juggling military school. On the other side of the spectrum we have Frank who, predictably, decides to honour his late wife by smoking his bag. Emerging from his drug-induced haze, he begins his ‘eat, pray, love’ lifestyle as he tries to make up emends with those he had wronged in the past – like we all know that’s going to last!

We will see Lip struggling with his sobriety, and Debbie attempting to conquer her strange desire of becoming a welder. Fiona is thriving as a landlord, and we finally get to see her make some bank – that is, until she discovers her success may equal another’s misfortune (can this girl seriously every catch a break?) Ian, on the other hand, is set to spend a large a majority of the season doing everything he can to win back the heart of his ex, Trevor (forever team Micky and Ian, sorry).

With the holidays creeping up, what better way to celebrate than spending some time with everyone’s loveable degenerates? So settle in, hide your wallets and get ready to welcome them back with open arms.

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