Watchmen series launches on Foxtel

If you like your superhero adventures a bit gritty, you might want to listen up, as a Watchmen series is hitting Aussie screens on October 21. Based on the DC Comic of the same name, and building on the 2009 film, the new Watchmen TV series looks to explore a world where superheroes and civilians are made to keep their identities secret in order to survive.

What is Watchmen about?

Set in an alternate reality where superheroes are treated as outlaws, and there’s no smartphones or internet (oof!), Watchmen sees the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, begin to tear apart as government and police are being targeted by a masked group of vigilantes known as ‘The Seventh Cavalry’.

Set 34 years after the comic ends, the Watchmen series looks to take a fresh approach to the Watchmen universe. Major world events have been altered – the U.S. convincingly wins the Vietnam war, the Watergate Scandal is avoided, and the 22nd Amendment (which sets a limit on how often a person can consecutively run for presidency) is repealed, opening the path for a whole bunch of bad stuff. Obviously.

Created and developed by Damon Lindelof, who has previously written and produced for hit-show Lost, as well as blockbuster movies such as Prometheus, World War Z and the Star Trek reboots, Lindelof is no stranger to the comic-book/movie remake market. The series also stars Regina King (Boyz n the Hood, Jeery Maguire) as detective-turned-superhero Sister Night, as well as Don Johnson (Miami Vice, Nash Bridges) as Chief Judd Crawford and Tim Nelson (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) as Looking Glass, a mysterious figure that will no doubt be a crucial figure as it all kicks off.

While not much in terms of the plot has been released, with Lindelof remaining tight-lipped about the events of season one, both the teaser trailer and official trailer look to give plenty of insights of the tense drama and action, with the series no doubt expected to go into some dark places that superheroes aren’t used to going.

When does Watchmen start?

With nine episodes expected in the first season, viewers will be treated to weekly episodes every Monday night in Australia, hours after it airs in the U.S. With HBO behind the US broadcast, Aussie viewers can catch Watchmen via Foxtel, with the first episode in Australia on October 21.

Tick Tock.

Image credit: HBO

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