headphones blasting

Love music? Don’t go deaf because of it

Posted by February 14th 2018

Listening to music at excessive volumes can seriously damage your hearing. But it’s easy to enjoy your music without going deaf, if you follow some simply advice.

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Different headphones for different purposes

Posted by February 14th 2018

To some people, headphones are just headphones. But if you’re keen to learn more, here is a guide to different headphones and what applications they work best with.

earphones guide

Earphones: Our buying guide

Posted by February 14th 2018

Does price always relate to quality when it comes to earphones? See our buying guide for suggestions on which offer great value.

brain excercise

Fun ways to exercise your brain

Posted by February 14th 2018

Keeping your brain active can keep your mind healthy for longer. Get started with these fun brain training apps and games.