Netgear ‘misled’ customers over warranty claims

Posted by February 28th 2018

Network equipment manufacturer Netgear has found itself in hot water with the consumer watchdog for allegedly misleading customers over its warranty and technical support representations. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says Netgear incorrectly told …

Vodafone backs NBN over 5G for home internet

Posted by February 27th 2018

Vodafone Australia still has faith in the NBN to deliver the bulk of the nation’s internet needs, even amid controversy over speed issues and with the rollout of 5G looming. 5G is the next step for …

Smart TVs vulnerable to hacking, report claims

Smart TVs vulnerable to hacking, report claims

Posted by February 26th 2018

Some Samsung and Roku-backed smart TVs are vulnerable to hacking and exploitations, Consumer Reports claims. Other brands could also be affected.

cut swimming pool energy costs

New trial aims to cut swimming pool energy costs

Posted by June 25th 2019

Australian households with swimming pools are being given a chance to drastically lower their energy bills as part of a new trial with the Sydney energy retailer ‘Pooled Energy’. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has …

How to turn your smartphone into a microscope

Posted by February 21st 2018

Despite technological advancements, the smartphone and the microscope have traditionally been two separate entities! But with new 3D printing technology, Australian researchers have developed a clip-on that transforms your handy smartphone into a fully functioning …

Australia Drone Consumer Guide

A guide to drones in Australia

Posted by May 20th 2019

Drones have been around for some time, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve become accessible to almost anyone. These compact aircrafts are revolutionising the industry of filmmaking as well as search and rescue, …

Virgin Mobile SIM Only Phone Plans

Posted by June 21st 2018

Compare Virgin Mobile SIM Only phone plans starting at $30 a month in this Canstar Blue review. Every Virgin Mobile SIM Only plan.

VR Games 2018

What are the best VR games of 2018?

Posted by May 10th 2019

VR expert Krishan Sharma runs the rule over 16 of the best VR games now available in Australia. Compare VR games at Canstar Blue.