Shake it like a Polaroid picture – on your smartphone

The days of shaking those Polaroid pictures could officially be over, with the iconic camera company’s latest model allowing users to see and edit their photos on their smartphone.

Launched at a consumer electronics tradeshow in Berlin, the latest Polaroid OneStep+ model combines the traditional charm of the Polaroid camera with the latest smartphone technology to give snap-happy users plenty of options when it comes to finding the perfect shot.

The OneStep+ links to smartphones via Bluetooth, with an accompanying iOS or Android app allowing users to crop and filter their photos to be instantly saved or shared on social media.

But don’t worry, you can still print and shake those Polaroid pictures for the sheer novelty of it. Don’t shake your smartphone!

Filtering features include double exposure and a light-painting feature that will allow users to add colour to their prints, with settings for shutter time, aperture and exposure allowing for a wide variety of shots. The shutter can also be triggered with noise, allowing for easier hands-free photos.

In addition to the noise-trigger, photos can be remotely taken via the app, with a 25 second timer feature also included. The OneStep+ also comes with lenses for both portrait and landscape photos, with a toggle button located on top of the camera allowing for a quick and easy switch between the modes.

Compatible with 600 and i-Type film, the OneStep+ is currently selling for $160USD on Polaroid’s website, with the latest model expected to follow the rest of Polaroid’s range to local electronics retailers and camera stores within coming months.

Resurgence of Polaroid

A popular picture-taking option for decades, Polaroid declared bankruptcy in both 2001 and 2008 thanks seemingly to the decline in the camera film industry which also saw the decline and eventual bankruptcy of another popular camera brand, Kodak.

New ownership saw Polaroid break back into the analog camera market in 2017, with the OneStep 2 model released to a global audience, with Polaroid also offering digital cameras and the Go-Pro-styled Cube to remain competitive within a changing market.

With many consumers using their smartphone as a camera, the introduction of Bluetooth compatibility may see Polaroid shake it with the best of them.

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