Realme releases its next generation of phone accessories — the Buds Air Pro and Watch S

It looks like 2021 is a big year for smartphone manufacturer Realme, as the company releases its next generation of phone accessories — the Buds Air Pro headphones and the Watch S.

This comes at a time when Realme has just launched its first 5G phone, the Realme 7 5G, into the Australian market.

Accessories for your smartphone have been commonplace for many brands over recent years, and keeping true to Realme’s ethos of quality features at budget-friendly prices, both the Buds Air Pro and the Watch S are available for less than $200 AUD respectively. So, what features can you expect from these more affordable smartphone accessories? Read on to find out more on the features and specs for both the Buds Air Pro and Watch S.

Realme Buds Air Pro features and specs

Young woman wearing Realme Buds Air Pro headphones in white
Source: Realme

While Realme is no stranger to wireless headphones, this is the first time it has released headphones with noise-cancelling capabilities here in Australia. “This year, we aim to continue innovating our smart devices so that they offer our customers even more impressive features for a price that doesn’t break the bank,” said Andy Yang, MD at Realme Australia.

The Buds Air Pro include 35dB active noise cancellation, with FeedForward and FeedBack microphones to detect unwanted noise, paired with high-precision, anti-noise waves, all to give you a much more immersive listening experience. These headphones are also great for gaming, with Gaming Mode used for a lag-free experience with latency as low as 94ms, for that great audio and video syncing experience.

There’s also a 10mm Bass Boost Driver and Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB), which helps to create that deeper sound and boost to bass-heavy music. Transparency Mode also allows you to speak with people around you without the need to remove your headphones — simply switch the mode on and you’ll get clear and realistic sound through the microphone. Plus, the Smart Wear Detection feature will notice when you’ve taken your earbuds out and pause your music for you.

You’ll get 25-hour battery life from an ultra-low power consumption Realme S1 chip and 486mAh battery. The Buds Air Pro also charge from 0% to 100% in one hour providing up to 25 hours payback, or just 10 minutes of charge will give you three hours of playback. You can also pick up these earbuds in your choice between Rock Black and Soul White colours.

All these features come in at a price point of $199 AUD RRP, and you can currently pre-order your pair from the Realme online store, with devices shipping from February 11, 2021. The Buds Air Pro will be available to purchase from retailers including Amazon, eBay, Catch and Mobileciti, from February 11, 2021.

Realme Watch S features and specs

Person wearing Realme Watch S holding arm up against yellow background
Source: Realme

Another addition to Realme’s range of phone accessories is the latest in its line-up of smart watches — the Watch S. This is a fitness watch, rather than a standalone smart watch, with a large 1.3 inch touchscreen. It features an aluminium alloy case and is surprisingly light to wear, weighing just 48 grams with wrist strap included. The display, made from Gorilla Glass, also includes auto brightness, so you’re not struggling to read your watch whether you’re exercising indoors or outside on a bright, sunny day. The straps are detachable, so you can easily switch them out for your preferred style of strap.

As for features, the advanced sensors are able to monitor your heart rate and has a blood oxygen monitor. There are 16 Sports Modes available, including outdoor running, outdoor cycling, walking, stationary bike, indoor run, football, yoga, cricket and even strength training. There are also other fun features to explore, such as a sleep monitor, drinking reminder (for those who forget to keep up with their hydration throughout the day) and even a meditation function, for those moments when you need to relax and breathe.

While there aren’t as many additional features as you’d expect with a top-of-the-line smart watch, you can still receive notifications from your phone (both Android and iOS devices), simply raise your wrist to see message, email and even some social media notifications.

You’re able to play and pause music that’s playing on your phone, plus you can take photos on your phone from a distance — perfect for taking that group photo without having one person stuck behind the phone.

Perhaps the biggest feature with the Watch S is the super-long battery life, with a 390mAh battery capable of up to 15 days of battery life. A magnetic charging base is included, which helps to stop it slipping off while charging. The Watch S has a water resistance rating of IP68, so there’s no need to worry if you’re exercising outdoors and it starts to rain (however, this rating isn’t suitable for swimming or wearing in the shower).

If this sounds like the fitness watch you’ve been looking for, it’s available to buy now for $169 AUD RRP, from stores including the Realme online store, Amazon, eBay and Catch. You can also pick up a range of straps for your Watch S if you want a little bit more personality than the default black silicone.

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