Samsung throws a curveball with new SUHD TV


You would be forgiven for thinking there’s no more room for progress for television manufacturers. First came the ridding of cathode ray tubes, and then came widescreens, digital TV and 3D TV. Yes, it’s easy to think that TVs have stopped evolving, but you’d be wrong. Just when you’ve dismissed TV as a dying breed, Samsung comes out and makes watching television the most fun thing you’ll do in your house.

This step forward in TV evolution comes in the form of the Ultra High Definition (SUHD – the S is added in by Samsung) KS9500 series smart TV. If that’s a mouthful for you, then brace yourself, because the KS9500 has a series of features that’ll excite and possibly confuse you. Read about why the KS9500 will impress in this Samsung TV review.

How does the Samsung KS9500 stack up?

The Samsung KS9500 series provides an immersive home entertainment experience. It has a suite of features that are sure to impress. They include:

Breathtaking display

Samsung tv packageThe Quantum Dot display boasts an unprecedented one billion colour combinations, and this allows for an accurate, detailed and rich picture that is close to the human eye as possible. The Quantum Dot display, according to Samsung, is 64 times more colour-detailed than other Samsung UHD TV models, with 2.8 times more brightness. With this combination, images can be reproduced with stunning realism – something that has been lacking up until now.

The curved screen means the KS9500 is designed for a wide range of viewing conditions. The brighter screen allows for great picture in glary light, and the curvature means that even Grandpa Jack in the corner armchair can better enjoy Frozen for the umpteenth time. The KS9500 also boasts an Ultra Black Filter, which absorbs light at the screen, and this further reduces glare and reflections. Samsung has really pulled out all the stops to make the KS9500 a world-beating television – something that you don’t just watch, but immerse yourself in.

Superb user experience

Samsung have ensured that the total experience of the KS9500 is not sullied by clunky interactivity. It starts with the remote. With Samsung’s ‘One’ remote, you remove the need for multiple remotes – this beauty can do it all. In its sleek and minimalist design, the One controls all entertainment devices; from the gaming console, Blu-Ray player, set top box, to all of your paid TV subscriptions, the One controls it all superbly. Plus, its minimalist design ensures you won’t be scrambling trying to find the volume key when an obnoxious ad comes on. Overall, the KS9500 is a flagship model for Samsung televisions, but what about its price?

Is the Samsung KS9500 good value?

The KS9500 is ‘Ultra’ in a lot of ways; in viewing experience and user experience it cannot be beat. Though, there’s another ‘Ultra’ feature – its price. Here’s the pricing breakdown for different screen sizes:

Screen Size (Inches) Price (RRP AUD)
55 $4,299
65 $6,299
78 $12,999

For many of us, these prices are simply out of reach. Like with many other things, you are paying the price to be at the cutting edge of technology… and of course, to impress your friends at the barbecue. We suspect that the average consumer won’t see value in this SUHD proposition. While the picture is superb, you may be wondering about the sound. Sadly, inbuilt sound in many TVs these days so sorely lacks behind its picture it’s laughable. Even Samsung recommends supplementing your TV with a soundbar, or ideally, a full home theatre speaker system. There’s another couple hundred to a couple grand. It’s a lot to pay to watch Family Feud – Grant Denyer’s hair looks really good in SUHD though.

Although, if you’re a home entertainment fiend looking for the next big hit, look no further. This is perfect for the media room. If you’re a serious movie buff, then splashing out extra on sound is likely a no-brainer to you by now. The coupling of the KS9500 with a comprehensive speaker system could eliminate the need for going to the movies. All that money saved on popcorn and tickets could pay for the TV purchase after a while! Plus, there’ll probably be no more sticky seats or teenagers disrupting your viewing pleasure by swapping spit next to you.

The Samsung KS9500 is an immersive television experience. No longer are you in front of the TV, you are now in it, with the unit’s curved screen and ultra-rich colour display. It’s an expensive unit, however, and we feel that many an average consumer will find it too out of reach. You could pay for a small car, an overseas holiday or half of a uni degree for the price of the 78” version. If you’re the home theatre buff however, we suspect you’ll have your sights set on the KS9500 already – it’s a high quality home theatre centrepiece.

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