A car tyre that won’t leave you feeling flat

A new prototype car tyre has been developed that could mean the end of flat tyres once and for all.

These concept tyres, developed by Bridgestone, aren’t full of compressed air like regular tyres – but rather a series of resin spokes (they share visual similarities to bicycle tyres). Because of these spokes, these tyres are strong, durable, and will offer the same shock absorption as a regular tyre.

They will also neverrequire inflation or be punctured due to the fact that there isn’t any air in the tyre to begin with. Obviously these ‘spoke’ tyres will still wear down with use, and will ultimately require you to replace them when they go bald.

On the plus side, these tyres could help vehicles tackle all kinds of harsh terrain without fear of tyre punctures – not to mention the long term savings for the average motorist.

The best part, however, is that these tyres are 100% recyclable. Once you’ve finished with them, you simply place them in the yellow wheelie bin and they’ll be disposed of in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Don’t get too excited though, as these concept tyres are still a work in progress. Still, it’s nice to see the humble wheel reinvented once again.

What does everyone think about this super-tyre?

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