Michelin Vs Pirelli: Car Tyres Compared

Posted by August 1st 2022

They are the two biggest tyre brands in the world, but which offers the better value for everyday Aussie motorists? Find out at Canstar Blue.

10 Most Expensive Car Parts to Replace

Posted by June 9th 2022

We list some of the most expensive car problems to fix, and common car problems that you can easily prevent with regular maintenance.

Hankook vs Kumho: Car tyres compared

Hankook Vs Kumho: Car Tyres Compared

Posted by June 9th 2022

Hankook and Kumho are two of the cheapest tyre brands available in Australia, but which one is worthy of your money? Canstar Blue looks at their domestic car tyres.

Continental vs Yokohama: Car tyres compared

Continental Vs Yokohama: Car Tyres Compared

Posted by June 9th 2022

Continental and Yokohama are two popular tyre brands, but which has the right rubber for your vehicle? Compare their product ranges with Canstar Blue.

Should I buy a petrol or diesel car?

Posted by June 9th 2022

Diesel cars have more torque and can be more economical, but cost more to service. Find out if you should buy a petrol or diesel car with Canstar Blue.

australian fuel expenditure

How much are Aussies spending on fuel?

Posted by July 27th 2022

Ever wondered if you’re spending a lot at the pump? The facts and figures might shock you. See how much Aussies spend on fuel with Canstar Blue.

old tire pile

A guide to recycling used car tyres

Posted by July 28th 2022

Recycling is important, but have you ever considered what happens to your old car tyres? Read our guide to tyre recycling.