How Aussies buy motorcycle helmets


To the average person, the act of purchasing and using a motorcycle helmet may seem like an incredibly simple one; enter store, find one that fits, hand over some money, leave, use for the foreseeable future. But the reality is that different motorcyclists have different buying habits and attitudes, as evidenced by Canstar Blue’s research on the subject.

What did we find?

From a safety perspective, our findings are quite reassuring for the most part:

  • Only 14% of motorcyclists had previously or were currently using a helmet after it had been involved in a crash.
  • 83% of motorcyclists know never to wear a helmet that had been involved in a crash.
  • 71% of motorcyclists know that when it comes to safety standards, not all helmets are created equal.

Particularly interesting is that only 16% of motorcyclists surveyed had ever bought a helmet from overseas, while only 24% had bought a helmet online. This is probably a wise move, as not only would you run the risk of a helmet not fitting correctly if you didn’t actually try it on first, but helmets bought from overseas could turn out to be useless to an Australian motorcyclist, due to our nation’s very strict regulations and safety standards for motorcycle helmets. Wearing a helmet from overseas could land you with a fine.

The research also found that the average motorcyclist paid just shy of $380 for their most recent helmet; imagine if you’d spent that much on a helmet that turned out not to be legal for Aussie roads. You’d be mightily unimpressed.

Anyway, it’s clear that the motorcyclists of Australia are, for the most part, well-informed about the importance of their helmets. It’s certainly not something you should skimp on.

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