How to pick tyres to match your driving style


Most drivers commonly assume that for everyday driving, there are tyres for different kinds of cars, and then there are only variables in quality and price. To the surprise of most drivers, fitting the right tyre goes well beyond just size, so it pays to do your research.

Kumho Tyres extends its service beyond just fitting tyres to cars, and has shed some light on the factors you should consider when choosing the right tyres for you – the driver – rather than just your car.

Tread patterns

In each tyre size in Australia, there are two or three tread patterns that could be chosen. Depending on your driving habits and style, the choice of pattern that is most recommended will vary.

As an example, some drivers will only commute in their local area or across the city, while others might take frequent road trips or undertake a lot of highway driving, for which different tyre patterns are more suited.

Key to remember here is that matching tyres to your driving style and common use is as important as proper inflation and of course the right tyre size. So matching them to suit you as much as to your car is equally as important in order to get the best use and longevity out of your tyres.

Tread patterns: Quiet tyres

When a customer comes in with a certain car, we can match their needs with the right tread. If you had a tyre tread that had exactly the same shape for each tread block it would be like a tractor going down the road, it would make a terrible noise. For people who want a quiet tyre we have tread designs that ensure it is quiet on the road and offers a smoother drive.

It’s about the harmonics – how the tread blocks are spaced and the size of these blocks determines the amount of sound produced while driving. If you look at the shoulder of a tyre you will see that each of the blocks is a different size and they all make a different sound as they hit the road. The quieter tyres are designed so that those different sounds actually cancel each other out.

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Why are performance tyres louder?

Generally speaking, if you want something ultra high performance because you drive and corner your car quite hard you’ll probably have a tyre that can be a bit louder. This type of tyre tends to possess a tread design with sharper angled tread blocks which can produce greater noise characteristics. It’s a classic trade off – greater performance for more noise.

What is road comfort?

When we talk about road comfort, this is the tyres ability to ‘dampen’ and absorb more shock from the road. Kumho has achieved greater road comfort through utilising rubber and silica compound instead of carbon black or traditional rubber. The synthetic rubber has more dampening capabilities so it can absorb more shock.

Again, depending on whether you are predominantly a city driver or do most of your driving on rougher country roads, or highways, there is a tyre to better suit you. The entire Kumho Tyres high performance range includes the silica technology for obvious reasons.

Choosing the right tyres

Next time you are due for some tyres, treat it like buying a pair of shoes, only for your car. You wouldn’t buy hard soled shoes for running or going to the gym either, right. So, don’t simply look at tyre size, quality reviews and price tag, but what you actually demand of your tyres based on your driving and style.

Getting the right match in terms of tread, noise and road comfort not only means you will have a smoother ride, but you will get more life span out of your tyre and most likely reduce fuel consumption too, especially if you keep your tyres inflated at the right pressure.

Who would have thought that there is more to tyres than just size and price? Happy and safe driving!

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