What keeps us happy when we buy a car?


Woman car window downThere’s no doubt that it’s a happy day for anyone buying a car – but what keeps us happy in the months and years after our car purchases? Recent Canstar Blue research has revealed the various factors that affect driver’s post-purchase satisfaction, and you might be surprised by the results.

Regression analysis showed that the key points for satisfaction are point-of-sale service and performance, with 23% of respondents naming them key satisfaction drivers. Reliability and after-sale service followed closely behind, with 22% and 20% respectively.

Considering the extremely expensive nature of cars, it’s interesting that value for money ended up being the least important factor in satisfaction. Only 12% of respondents nominated it as important to their satisfaction.

Regression Analysis of satisfaction driversSource: Canstar Blue research, conducted by Colmar Brunton, September 2014, n= 1,919.

Breaking it down by type of vehicle owned, the results diversify a little. While sedan owners more or less follow the above trends, having point-of-sale service and value for money as most and least important respectively, hatchback and SUV/4WD owners differ somewhat.

Hatchback owners value reliability above all else (29%), but once again value for money isn’t considered important (12%). SUV/4WD prize performance highly (30%), but care least about the reliability of their vehicles (16%).

Regarding customer satisfaction by brand, Canstar Blue research from 2014 showed Ford at the top in regard to overall satisfaction, with Holden close behind. Further results were as follows:

Manufacturer Overall Satisfaction
1st Ford ★★★★★
2nd Holden ★★★★
3rd Honda ★★★★
4th Mazda ★★★★
5th Mitsubishi ★★★★
6th Subaru ★★★★
7th Toyota ★★★★
8th Hyundai ★★★
9th Nissan ★★★
10th Volkswagen ★★★

You can compare brands across a range of car-related services and products at www.canstarblue.com.au.

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