Old tyres could mean rejected car insurance claims


Aussie drivers risk voided car insurance claims as a result of driving on unroadworthy tyres.

A Canstar Blue survey has found that 40% of drivers are unaware of legal tyre safety standards, while one in five don’t know how to check if their tyres are too worn. As well as being potentially dangerous, that lack of knowledge could prove costly in the event of an accident and subsequent insurance claim.

The survey also found that 48% of drivers delay buying new tyres for as long as possible, while 23% tend to buy the cheapest tyres available. And 29% admitted they have been fearful of an accident because of driving on worn tyres.

Female drivers are twice as likely as males to be unaware of tyre safety standards and almost three times as likely not to know how to check their tread depth. And the younger a driver is, the less likely they are to know about tyre safety, the survey of 1,648 Australians found.

Just over half of Gen Y survey respondents said they didn’t know about legal tyre safety standards. Tyres fitted to a vehicle, which do not have tyre wear indicators, must have a tread pattern at least 1.5mm deep. If the tread has worn down to any of the tyre wear indicators, or there is less than 1.5mm of tread depth on the tyre, then it is considered to be unroadworthy.

Insurance companies could potentially void a claim if you haven’t maintained your car in a roadworthy condition. So what else could void your claim?

Other things that could void your car insurance claim:

  • Any undisclosed modifications.
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Overloading a car or trailer being towed.
  • Not maintaining your car in a roadworthy condition, including worn brake pads.
  • Allowing a non-insured driver behind the wheel of your car if you have a restricted policy. For example, young drivers if you have a policy specifying drivers over the age of 25 only.

Most things that can void your insurance cover are all simple. They are things that, reasonably, an insurance provider should be able to expect you to do. Yet this research indicates that many people continue to make these mistakes and could potentially end up paying for them.

The excuse of “I forgot” or “I didn’t realise” simply won’t wash with your insurer when you go to make a claim. That’s why it’s vital all drivers are completely au fait with the terms of their policy.

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