Small businesses saving money with fuel cards


The cost of fuel is a major concern to the majority of small businesses who rely on transportation, but many are managing to save money with fuel cards.

A survey of small business owners or decision-makers by Canstar Blue found average monthly fuel expenses of $1,088.

More than three-quarters of respondents (78%) said they closely monitor the cost of fuel, and their use of it, while more than two-thirds (69%) admitted it is a major concern to the business.

Fortunately though, 74% of those with a fuel card account believe it helps them save money in the long-run.

“It can be hard for a business to accurately budget for expenses like fuel when they are constantly subject to change,” said Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle. “That’s why businesses are carefully watching prices at the pumps and trying to be savvy about when they fill-up.

“Business is all about the bottom line, so anything they can do to reduce and better-manage costs will be seen as a good thing. Fuel cards give businesses access to helpful reporting tools, and most importantly of all, they can save them money.”

The Canstar Blue survey saw three major fuel card programs rated on customer satisfaction, with BP the only one to receive a five-star rating for overall customer satisfaction, as well as invoicing, fees & charges, customer service and fuel discounts.

“Small businesses ultimately want to reduce their fuel costs, but they also want to know they have plenty of service stations to fill-up at, because there’s no point being part of a loyalty program if you never pass one you can use,” said Mrs Doyle. “It’s also important they get good, prompt customer service if they have any issues to raise, because when it comes to small business, time is money.”

“BP Plus fuel card has been in the Australian market for over 20 years. We are continually looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to manage their business fuel expenses, including comprehensive free online reports and the ability to pay your BP Plus account with credit card. We are also investing heavily in growing our service station network across Australia and strengthening our customer offer at these locations,” said BP Fuel Card Marketing Manager, Kristen Gatt.

About the survey

Canstar Blue commissioned Colmar Brunton to survey 845 Australian small business owners or decision makers (i.e. the main decision maker for the small business) across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from customers within the survey group who have purchased and / or used a fuel card for business purposes in the last 12 months – in this case, 318 small business owners/decision makers.

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