The most common injuries from motorcycle accidents


Motorbike accidentBy law, motorcycle riders are required to wear safety gear in order to reduce the impact of an accident.

However, they do still happen, and often result in the same injuries. Broken legs and road rash are all too common when a motorcycle rider is in an accident – they hit the road hard and are caught under the bike.

The good news is that your jacket, long pants, and boots are all there to help protect you by reducing injury. Your feet are likely to sustain less damage if they are covered by thick boots, and a thick motorcycle jacket stops road rash, keeping the skin on your arms.

Speaking of arms, ‘biker’s arm’ is frequently seen in the aftermath of an accident, and is a result of a natural human reaction. Instinctually, we put out our arms to lessen the impact of a fall, but it doesn’t really work – the arm takes all the impact. In serious cases, this has resulted in not just broken arms, but nerve damage in the upper body.

Just like it stops road rash, a sturdy jacket with protection at the elbows is made to protect your arms. If a fairly solid part of the jacket, such as a reinforced elbow, takes a great deal of impact, then it is likely to result in less damage to your arm and upper body.

Helmets are required by law for a very good reason; to reduce the likelihood that you will end up with a brain injury in the event of a crash. As we know, head injury doesn’t just leave the injured person with a sore head, but more serious issues like paralysis, and in many cases death.

Head injury is the leading cause of disability and deaths from road accidents, which is why wearing a helmet is so important – it is much better to break the helmet than end up with a serious injury.

Thankfully it is rare to see anyone riding on the road without a helmet, the most important piece of equipment by far.

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