VW drives down new car prices with Click Frenzy online sale

With car sales in Australia dropping by nearly 50% in April, many are wary about purchasing a new vehicle right now. However, the decision may be made a bit easier with German manufacturer Volkswagen offering discounts on a number of models in its range through the Click Frenzy online sale.

This marks the first time that a car manufacturer has partnered with Click Frenzy to promote exclusive online offers.

“Volkswagen is one of the most innovative brands in the world. This is a bold move, but we’re witnessing a seismic swing from physical to online retail worldwide, and I think Volkswagen are going to nail this,” said Managing Director of Click Frenzy, Grant Arnott.

“In April, Volkswagen launched online ordering across the range and now any Australian can order one of the 1,000+ variations of Volkswagen models online. We’re excited to partner with Volkswagen on this initiative to give Click Frenzy shoppers the opportunity to purchase superb vehicles online at exclusive prices.”

Motorists can expect Volkswagen deals through Click Frenzy such as:

  • $3,000 off the VW Amarok Core ute, with a free Enduro off-road pack included as an extra.
  • $2,000 off the VW Polo Style model with Beats audio system and wireless phone charging, with a driveaway price of $24,990.
VW Polo
The Volkswagen Polo. Source: VW

Click Frenzy FAQs

When is Click Frenzy?

  • Start: 7pm (AEST) Tuesday, May 19
  • Finish: Midnight (AEST) Thursday, May 21

Click Frenzy Mayhem will last a total of 53 hours and feature over 2,000 deals, from 300+ brands Australia-wide.

What is Click Frenzy?

Inspired by the US version Cyber Monday, Click Frenzy is an online sales event organised by Global Marketplace for Australia. It runs a few times a year and attracts legions of bargain hunters each time. The next 2020 Click Frenzy event will be the Travel Spring sale on September 1. Another Click Frenzy sale is also slated for November 17.

Where do I shop Click Frenzy deals?

You can shop Click Frenzy exclusive deals and offers on the Click Frenzy website and from participating retailers online and in store. Check individual retailers for details.

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