Simon Downes

Simon Downes Simon Downes is Canstar Blue's Editor-in-Chief and consumer affairs journalist, specialising in the energy and telco industries, while also covering all things retail and FMCG. With a decade of newsroom experience under his belt, he’s passionate about helping consumers make better-informed decisions, especially when it comes to household bills. Simon was one of the first journalists to raise awareness of the unscrupulous tactics of some energy retailers which eventually resulted in major industry reforms and the introduction of new default pricing, and continues to highlight the potential pitfalls consumers face in a still confusing market.

Best Netflix Watches

The best shows on Netflix Australia

Posted by June 8th 2020

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man working on power lines

Compare NSW Electricity Prices

Posted by July 2nd 2020

Who is the cheapest electricity provider in NSW? Compare average costs between energy companies in NSW and find the best deal at Canstar Blue.

Electricity Price Rises & Changes

Electricity Price Rises & Changes

Posted by July 2nd 2020

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Compare South Australia Electricity Prices

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Compare Queensland Electricity Prices

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Origin vs Kleenheat: Natural Gas Cost Comparison

Posted by May 28th 2020

If you live in Western Australia and pay the gas bills for your home, the good news is there has never been more competition for your business. After years of having no choice of gas …

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The best movies on Netflix Australia

Posted by May 14th 2020

There’s never been a better time to chill out on the couch and put on a great movie. People are ditching traditional free-to-air TV and cinema, instead staying at home both to save a buck …

Good Phone Plans for Aussie Kids

Posted by July 1st 2020

What are the best phone plans for kids? Canstar Blue compares good mobile options for children and provides tips on what to look for.