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Looking for a holiday? Or just a way to improve your daily commute? Our Customer Satisfaction Ratings for Domestic Airlines, Ridesharing Apps, Aussie Escapes and many other travel-related products and services are based on the feedback we receive from thousands of Aussie travellers. They’re designed to help you to make better-informed decisions about how and where you travel next, and what products you decide to take with you.

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Woman floating in pool with laptop

Best internet for travelling Australia

Thankfully, there is still remote internet access in Australia, no matter your internet usage needs. In this guide, we take a look at your options for internet while travelling Australia.
The best internet for travelling Australia
Travelling …

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Rideshare Apps: Cost & Fees Compared

Rideshare apps have become one of the more popular modes of transport, with companies such as Uber and DiDi two of the largest rideshare names currently in Australia. Although ridesharing services hit the mainstream only …

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Carry on luggage on plane

Carry-on luggage guide & allowances

There’s not much worse than being the one holding up the rest of the plane as you desperately try to squeeze your rolling suitcase (which is barely passing as carry-on) into the overhead lockers. Or …

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Black Friday 30% off travel accommodation deals

In need of a holiday or quick staycay? Well, you’re in luck because Oaks and Avani Hotels & Resorts are offering up to 30% off travel accommodations across Australia and New Zealand for Black Friday!

The …

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Travel deals Click Frenzy

Up To 25% Off Hotels & Travel In Click Frenzy Travel Sale

Looking to snag a budget staycation and support local tourism? Get your bags ready because Click Frenzy Travel is back with some domestic and international travel deals, including 25% off Aussie hotels and Virgin flights, plus …

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