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Playing Razer Kishi

Everything you need to know about the Razer Kishi

From humble beginnings with the GameBoy, gaming on the go has long been the dream for both hardcore and casual gamers, with many companies looking to capture our imaginations with products to keep us busy …

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Man using VPN

Top VPN Providers in Australia

For some, the words ‘VPN’ can sound scary and confusing, and simply searching for them online gives you thousands of options to choose from, all claiming that they can give you the latest and greatest …

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The Apple Airpod Mini in front of an Apple background

Apple reveals the HomePod Mini: a cute and small smart speaker

It’s Christmas time for Apple fans! In the early hours of the morning on October 14, Apple revealed a suite of new devices in its iPhone 12 range. Four new iPhones were unveiled, following the …

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Computer Speakers

Computer Speakers Buying Guide

Whether it’s for creating music, watching movies, streaming and gaming, video meetings, or just day-to-day use, having a good set of computer speakers can provide a major difference for those big on their audio. And …

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Three google devices - A nest Audio speaker, a Google Chromecast and a Google TV remote

Google announces new Chromecast and Nest Audio smart speaker

Google’s October Launch Night saw the tech giant unveil a range of new products and updates, including its long-awaited new 5G smartphone. Announced alongside the Google Pixel 5 were two new home items from Google …

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