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Canstar Blue is Australia’s most-trusted comparison website.*



Since 2010, we’ve been helping Australian consumers make better-informed purchase decisions on products and services by providing factual, up-to-date and well-researched comparison tables, ratings, reviews, guides and news on a range of consumer-related topics including Electricity, Gas, Solar, Internet, Phones and Home Appliances. Plus, we’re Australia’s leading Energy comparator platform**.

All of this information is all freely available on Canstar Blue’s website – it’s why more than nine million users came to our website last year*** and the Canstar Blue logo is recognised by more than four in five Aussies*.

How do we do it? We’re a tight-knit group of experts in the fields of research, e-commerce, consumer products and services, journalism and content production, with the backing of Canstar, Australia and New Zealand’s premier financial services research and expert ratings agency.


Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Canstar Blue Team Working

Remember that we said more than four in five Aussies recognised the Canstar Blue logo? It’s no wonder! 

We engage Qualtrics, a respected market research company, to ask more than 70,000 adult consumers every year about their experiences with products or services they’ve purchased. We then use that research to allocate star ratings of up to and including five stars to those products and services. 

Our research currently compares more than 300 products-and-services categories, covering more than 1,800 brands every year. 

What’s important, though, is that our ratings are unbiased, can’t be influenced by the brands we rate and come straight from consumers like you. 


Learn more about our Customer Satisfaction Ratings


Price Comparison Tables and Value Rank

Value Rank IconWe don’t just research and rate consumer satisfaction on products and services.

Canstar Blue collects data from electricity, gas, solar, internet and phone providers in order to show price comparison tables for relevant products. You can sort electricity, gas, internet and phone plans and products in order of price or other variables.

On our electricity, gas and internet comparison tables, you can also sort by Canstar Blue’s unique Value Rank – that’s something you can’t do anywhere else!

The Value Rank score is a rating out of 10 and is a combination of the Price score and Feature score. The Price and Feature scores are determined by multiple factors related to the provider and plan in question, including customer service and support, billing and payment options and plan flexibility.

Because we put an emphasis on transparency, the methodology we use to calculate the Value Rank for each product or plan is publicly available:


Value Rank – Electricity

Value Rank – Internet

Value Rank – Mobile

Value Rank – Gas


More details on our Comparison Tables and Value Rank


Canstar Blue Awards

Canstar Blue's Outstanding Value Logo for NBN Plans

Canstar Blue uses its wealth of consumer and expert research and data to identify outstanding brands, products, services and plans. We award these brands, products, services and plans with an award that recognises this achievement.

Brands that win a Canstar Blue award often place our logo on their product, service or plan, which is why you see our logo all over the place – it’s everywhere from billboards and TV ads to grocery packaging! 

 Like we said, we’re transparent, so as well as publishing our Consumer Satisfaction Ratings and Value Rank scores on our site, we also make the methodology we use to identify award winners publicly available:


Most Satisfied Customers

Most Satisfied Students

Outstanding Value – Electricity & Solar 

Outstanding Value – Internet (NBN)

Outstanding Value – Phone on a Plan

Outstanding Value – Prepaid Mobile Plans

Outstanding Value – SIM-Only

Most Trusted – Energy

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Excellence – Appliances

Green Excellence


Learn more about Canstar Blue’s Awards


Talk to us!

Canstar Blue - Team Meeting

You can read more about Canstar Blue in our FAQs and on our Contact Us page but we value feedback so please get in touch. We particularly love to hear about how you’ve used our site to better-understand your purchasing options or find a better deal. Have you saved money on your energy or internet plan? Bought a great appliance or discovered a new consumer brand? Tell us at enquiries@canstarblue.com.au

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(*) Source: Canstar quarterly brand tracking survey, conducted through Qualtrics Nov 2023. n=1027

(**) Source: SimilarWeb, Mar/Mar 2021-22

(***) Source: Google Analytics/SimilarWeb, Oct/Sept 2020/21