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Canstar Blue’s awards are designed to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. From the grocery aisle to the appliance showroom, energy and telecommunications markets, all the way through to the cutting edge of product and service innovation, Canstar Blue is there.

Canstar Blue Award Categories


“The Canstar Blue Award logo was created to be a beacon for consumers, to help them navigate crowded industries to find products, services and brands that have stood out for either customer satisfaction or value for money.

Our awards are a reflection of consumer sentiment and our research experts’ insights and analysis, showcasing what consumers should be aware of when researching their next purchase.

When you see the Canstar Blue Award logo, know that you’ve got a dedicated team and brand behind you every step of the way.”


Megan Doyle, Canstar Blue CEO


Megan Doyle



Canstar Blue Awards in the wild!

Brands that win a Canstar Blue Award often choose to license the Award, placing it on their product, service or plan, which is why you see our logo all over the place – it’s everywhere from billboards and TV ads to grocery packaging. Check out how some of our previous winners showcased their Award below!




Want to let consumers know about your award?

Canstar Blue offers a range of commercial and organic opportunities for winning brands that want to let the world know they’re the best in their field. Our Commercial Team is ready to help you maximise your win!

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FAQs about our Awards

Got some questions about how the Canstar Blue Awards work, or want to get your brand involved? Check out the questions below, or head to our FAQ page


Canstar Blue’s Awards work in a variety of capacities, each of which are designed to help consumers understand the markets around them, and make more informed purchasing decisions as a result. Our Most Satisfied Customer and Most Trusted Awards are based on feedback from consumers who have recently purchased and used products, services and brands, while our Outstanding Value and Innovation Excellence Awards are decided on by our team of Research Experts through a set criteria and methodology. If you’re interested in learning more about each specific Award and its criteria, click on the Award icons above. 

Each Canstar Blue Award is only awarded once per year – or in the case of some categories, once every two years – with Canstar Blue presenting over 300 Awards over the course of a year. Each individual Award has a specific release and publication date throughout the year, in which we aim to remain consistent with every year to help brands and consumers keep an eye out for the latest results. 

To receive a Canstar Blue Award, a brand must either be highly rated by consumers or our research experts across a range of criteria. This criteria varies between each Award type, which is explained in each Award’s methodology section. Once a brand has been selected to receive an Award, Canstar Blue will reach out to the winner to notify them, as well as offer the opportunity to license the Award for marketing opportunities.