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Your home is your castle, but it needs looking after to stay that way. Compare paint brands, home cleaning products and more to keep your home looking clean and tidy.

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Power plugs & sockets around the world

It’s no secret that Aussies are obsessed with travel. Whether it’s a last-minute getaway in Bali or a backpacking adventure around Europe, travelling abroad is a rite of passage when you live down under. Despite …

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Excavator digging home

Dial Before You Dig Explained

If you plan to build a home, or you’re about to renovate, there are certain limitations on where and how low you can dig. This is because your property could be sitting above important underground …

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Fuse Boxes and Switchboards Explained

Not entirely sure what your fuse box does? Learn everything you need to know about meter boxes, switchboards and more with Canstar Blue.

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‘It’s the right thing to do’: IKEA expands furniture buy-back offer

Looking to sell your furniture but don’t want the stress of finding a buyer? Well, it’s good news for IKEA shoppers. Mid last year IKEA began its ‘take-back’ service trial, allowing Australian consumers to sell their …

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Halogen Light Bulbs Explained

Are halogen light bulbs the most efficient when it comes to your home? Learn about pricing, specs and more in this Canstar Blue guide.

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