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Hundreds of thousands of Australian consumer reviews help you compare

Many Australians like to ask their friends and family about a product or a brand before they make their decision to purchase; after all, it’s smart to compare before you buy.

We’re here to make that process a little easier by asking average Australians how they rate their experience with over 800 providers or brands across over 100 products and services. Sometimes not all providers or brands in a category are rated.

Canstar Blue commissions respected professional market research companies, Qualtrics, Colmar Brunton and Iview (owned by Ipsos), to ask Australians about their experiences with purchased products or services. These shoppers then rate their satisfaction level with their brand of choice, on a sliding scale (1 to 10).

We don’t survey subscribers, and we don’t survey volunteers – we survey average Australians. with our professional research being representative of the Australian population. It’s also a point of pride that we make sure anyone surveyed has used their product or service over a substantial period of time, so you know that each of our ratings is more than just a first impression.

After some data crunching, we determine a winner and release these reviews here on canstarblue.com.au for free, because we know that shoppers like yourself value an honest opinion from another consumer.

So start comparing by going to the top menu to find a category you’re interested in, or search for it in the top right search box. Go on, get started!

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