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Canstar Blue is all about helping consumers make better-informed purchasing decisions, and when it comes to your family and kids, you won’t want to take any chances. Check out our annual customer satisfaction ratings for products including strollers, baby carriers and car seats, with brands reviewed by parents just like you.

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The Best Shows on Disney+

Disney+’s television library is the ultimate combination of old and new. Basically, it’s Saturday Disney nostalgia sprinkled with cracking new Originals. We’ve also touched base on some of the best Disney+ Originals available on the …

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Teenagers cost more at Christmas

Teens trump toddlers as the priciest to buy for at Christmas, new survey reveals

Parents with teenagers fork out nearly $100 more at Christmas than those with younger children, according to new Canstar Blue research.

A national survey* on the Christmas spending habits of 2,000 consumers shows that people with …

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Edible coffee cups explained

Want to drink your coffee and then eat it too? Yes, that’s right. We said eat. Edible coffee cups are the latest re-usable coffee cup idea to enter the eco-scene, but how exactly do they …

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Woolies launch Woolworths Bricks

Woolworths reveals when new ‘green’ Lego-style collectables will be available

Mark your calendars friends! Woolworths has announced its new Lego-style collectables − Woolworths Bricks − will be available in stores from September 8.

Woolies’ new sustainable collectables will launch a bit later in New South Wales …

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Forget socks, ALDI has the latest deals on gifts dad actually wants

Novelty ties are great and all, but what about treating dad to a brand-new TV, smartphone or Bluetooth headphones? ALDI’s got a few tricks up its sleeve to help you say ‘thanks’ on Father’s Day …

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