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Canstar Blue is a consumer review and comparison website. Our team is dedicated to helping Aussie consumers make better-informed purchase decisions – after all, we’re consumers ourselves!

I’m in the ACT, why can’t I compare electricity?

We are currently updating our internal systems and are working diligently to bring Canberra back into our electricity comparison tool. We anticipate a resolution in the near future and we appreciate your patience.

I’ve received a phone call or an email from someone claiming to be from Canstar Blue. Is this legitimate?

No, we do not engage in cold calling. We do not ask for your phone number and will never call you. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from Canstar Blue, do not give out any personal details. Instead, please report the matter to us at

Any emails you may receive from Canstar Blue will be in the form of newsletters that you have opted into receiving, either directly on our website or on social media, by signing up to a Canstar account, downloading a free e-guide, using a tool such as the Canstar Free Credit Score Check or by entering a competition. If you receive an email that looks suspicious, do not click on any links. Instead, please report the matter to us at   

You can learn more about Canstar Blue on our About Us page, and visit our FAQs page for information on our research, ratings and how we are funded.

If you have any questions or comments about Canstar Blue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Just before you do, though, here are some FAQs that could answer your query:


Q: What is the difference between Canstar Blue and Canstar?

A: While Canstar is a financial comparison website for things like home loans, credit cards and insurances, Canstar Blue is a comparison website for all manner of other consumer goods and services, including phone plans, broadband plans, electricity & gas, appliances and groceries etc.

Q: How can I contact Canstar Blue directly?

A: If you feel that your questions are not covered in the FAQs, you can send us an email with your query at

Q: How do I enter Canstar Blue competitions?

A: Our competitions are promoted through our Facebook page –

Q: I’ve entered a competition, how do I know if I’ve won?

A: We email the winner directly to let them know they have won.

Bill Questions

Q: Can you compare my energy bill for me?

A: We don’t personally compare electricity and gas bills, but we do have a comprehensive comparison tool where you can compare plans based on your personal circumstances. You can use that tool here –

Q: Which is the best provider for me?

A: We’re unable to tell you which provider is the best for your circumstances, but you can compare a number of different phone plans, internet plans and electricity & gas products using our comparison tools. We also publish customer satisfaction ratings where providers are listed based on the feedback we receive in our surveys.

Q: Why isn’t every brand rated?

A: To qualify for the ratings that you see on our website, brands must receive a minimum of 30 responses from our surveys, meaning that not all brands available in the market will qualify, with brands more widely available more likely to make the minimum 30 responses to qualify, as an example.

Q: Why don’t you rate every product?

A: With our phone, internet and energy comparison tools, our aim to show as many providers and products as possible. However, for various reasons, we may not be able to show every provider and product in your area.

Website Content

Q: How often do you update your site?

A: Unless the page is news, we aim to update our site regularly. However, if you notice something in particular that is out of date, then feel free to let us know.

Q: My brand features on your site, how do I get information about it updated?

A: If you represent a brand and would like information on our website updated, please email with

  1. The brand you are referring to/represent
  2. The URL of the page you need to be updated
  3. The information you want the page updated with

Q: Do you stock the products you compare?

A: Canstar Blue does not sell any products, meaning it’s best to contact the brand or retailer you’re interested in directly.

Commercial Business Enquiries

Q: Can we get a link to our website?

A: As a general rule, we do not provide backlinks on request, however we may assess individual requests on their own merit. See our editorial code for more details.

Q: Can we partner with Canstar Blue?

A: If your company is interested in a commercial relationship with Canstar Blue, please email us at


Q: Are you Pine O Cleen?

A: No, we’re not Pine O Cleen. We understand there has been plenty of feedback about Pine O Cleen’s recent television advert, but please direct this feedback directly to Pine O Cleen. You can contact them here –

Q: Are you associated with ALDI or know about their special buys?

A: ALDI regularly tops some of our customer satisfaction ratings for various grocery items, and we often produce news content about ALDI products and Special Buys. However, any questions for ALDI should be directed to the supermarket chain. You can contact them here –

Q: Complaints about other retailers on our sites

A: While it’s better if you email the company you’re referring to directly. If you are unable to find their contact details, we may be able to help.