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Taking care of your fitness, health and personal well-being is very important. To help, Canstar Blue produces dozens of health & beauty related customer satisfaction reports, comparing gyms, multivitamins, weight loss shakes, sunscreens and numerous personal hygiene and grooming products to help you feel your best.

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People at gym

What does the average Australian spend at the gym?

How much does gym membership cost? Find out what the average boy and girl pays to get fit and healthy.

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Where you can buy face masks right now

Residents of Victoria’s coronavirus hot spots will have to wear face masks outside from Thursday (July 23), and those flouting the rules could cop fines of up to $200. More broadly, the World Health Organisation …

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ALDI’s Biggest Special Buys

Are ALDI’s Special Buys worth it? From face serums and ski pants to toilets and mattresses, check out our guide to find out.

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Best workout recovery muscle sports gym equipment prices compared Australia

The best muscle recovery tools for any workout

Started training for a marathon but found yourself running into some seriously sore hamstrings? Or maybe you’ve recently opened up your at-home gym and already want to cancel the membership! Don’t give up just yet, …

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Where to buy resistance bands

Resistance Bands Buying Guide

Don’t want to splash cash on free weights to sustain your strength training at home? No problem. Resistance bands can give you as much a good workout as dumbbells and barbells without the hefty price …

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