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Canstar Blue’s Research Team provides the expertise that powers our Star Ratings and Awards, designed to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. As Australia’s Most Trusted Comparison Website*, Canstar Blue rates over 1,800 brands over 300 categories, utilising the feedback of over 70,000 Australians to determine the results in our Star Ratings tables, while our Research Team also analyses product features and offerings to determine areas of Outstanding Value and Innovation to help consumers navigate crowded and potentially confusing markets.

Meet the team behind the number-crunching below, and if your curious, learn more about our utilities and consumer products experts in Canstar Blue’s Editorial Team.

Joshua Sale

Group Manager – Research, Ratings and Product Data

Joshua SaleJosh Sale leads Canstar’s Research and Insights team, delivering informative data and analysis on the energy, telecommunications, financial services and products sectors. Josh’s mix of tertiary qualifications in economics and finance and long experience as a Canstar company spokesperson means he’s not only able to transform complex calculations into consumer-friendly tools, rankings and awards, but is able to communicate them in a way that addresses Australians’ real-life personal finance and purchasing concerns.

Josh regularly advises on research projects to continually improve Canstar and Canstar Blue’s understanding of consumer purchasing and use behaviour across energy and telco and is particularly interested in expanding the use of AI to provide consumers with information more efficiently. 

Josh has a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Finance), Griffith University. Graduate Certificate in Data Science with Distinction, RMIT. Master of Data Science, Strategy and Leadership with Distinction, RMIT

When he’s not looking for new ways to leverage Canstar’s and Canstar Blue’s research expertise, Josh likes to research his own purchases in depth – just ask him about how he narrowed down his search for the perfect TV! Josh also uses his personal time to disappear down AI rabbit holes, when he’s not being a hands-on parent to two littlies. 

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Breanna Gream

Research Infrastructure and Modelling Manager

Breanna Gream

As the Research Infrastructure and Modelling Manager, Breanna leads a talented team responsible for managing the Research team’s data infrastructure, developing research models and delivering media insights. Breanna’s hands-on approach involves actively optimising data systems, refining models and driving the development of advanced research methodologies. This work plays a pivotal role in enabling the efficient delivery of Canstar’s Star Ratings and Awards and insightful media content.

Breanna completed a double Bachelor’s degree in Business, majoring in Finance, and Mathematics, majoring in Applied Computational Modelling, at the Queensland University of Technology.  Through her work at Canstar Blue, Breanna has developed an in-depth knowledge of product, market and regulatory changes across the electricity, solar, gas, internet and phone sectors, and particularly likes keeping Canstar Blue’s methodologies up to date and reflective of the ever-changing utilities environment. 

Since joining Canstar in 2019 in a graduate role, Breanna has risen through the ranks to become a leading figure within the Research team. Along the way, she has led the generation of media insights, whilst also pursuing opportunities to expand her capabilities in the tech space.

When Breanna’s not crunching data, she’s likely to be somewhere remote – two of her favourite things to do are hiking and mountain climbing.

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Joshua Filosi

Data Insights Analyst

Joshua FilosiJosh Filosi is a Data Insights Analyst at Canstar, where he uses his expertise in data analysis and interpretation to develop and deliver the methodology for Canstar Blue’s Value Rankings and Outstanding Value awards in the telecommunications sectors.

His double-major in Economics and Behavioral Science from Griffith University provides him with the analytical skills and understanding of consumer markets to uncover insights in complex data, as well as passion for helping consumers find genuinely good deals when faced with countless competing options for their hard-earned cash in the Internet and Phone sectors.

Josh’s real love for all things tech gives him a unique perspective, too, on the telecommunications industry and the needs of its customers – staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field is no onerous task, and it means Josh spots small details that can add up to a big difference to customers. He recently worked on the development of a Value Ranking methodology for the growing wireless broadband sector. 

Josh relishes the opportunity to dedicate his professional effort to the cause of tech and telco users and is keen to continue building his understanding of this fascinating, ever-changing industry. When Josh isn’t poring over telco data, he likes to tinker with gadgets and electronics.

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Samantha Mauro-Todd

Samantha-Howse-CanstarConsumer Research Manager

Samantha Mauro-Todd is Canstar Blue’s Consumer Research Manager, responsible for overseeing the consumer research program behind our 300+ customer satisfaction awards across Canstar and Canstar Blue in Australia and New Zealand. With a Bachelor of Business (major in marketing) from Griffith University, a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics from QUT and nine years’ experience in the field of market research, she is skilled in sampling design, survey design, implementation, and analysis, coupled with an understanding of marketing principles and best practice.

Sam enjoys being part of a team that provides consumers with insights across a vast range of product and service categories, helping them make better purchasing decisions. When she’s not sorting through thousands of survey responses, she likes eating good food and hanging out with her cat, Nizzleman.

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Keely Robinson

Ratings Manager – Research and Product Data

Keely is the Ratings Manager for Canstar’s Research and Product Data department and is responsible for developing methodology and delivering Canstar’s flagship Star Ratings as part of Canstar’s Research team. In her role, Keely oversees Canstar Blue’s esteemed Value Ranking and the delivery of our expert awards. She also works on Canstar’s Innovation Awards, which includes energy, telco and appliances. 

Keely graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Business Finance and Marketing, before starting at Canstar as a Graduate Research Analyst. She later moved into a Lead Analyst position, where she was responsible for the wealth and insurance portfolios, including superannuation and health insurance, before moving into her current position in Canstar’s Research and Product Data team. 

Keely is dedicated to continuously enhancing Canstar’s methodologies and unravelling complex data to ensure our practices reflect the current market. She strives to simplify complex data, provide insights and empower consumers to help people make informed decisions about their personal finances. 

Outside of work, Keely enjoys going out for brunch and spicy margaritas, pilates, people watching and day trips to the beach. 

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Lindell Ngaluafe 

Data Processing Manager, Research and Product Data

Lindell Ngaluafe is Canstar’s Data Processing Manager, where he is responsible for the collection and processing of data across banking, wealth, insurances and utilities verticals. Lindell has worked at Canstar since 2010, and has honed his skills in data processing to deliver complicated data into easy-to-understand information for consumers. Lindell now oversees this work with his team of trusted Product Data Specialists as part of Canstar’s famed Star Ratings and Awards process.

Lindell has a Bachelor of Arts degree in politics and government from Griffith University and while he is a passionate advocate of political science and history, Lindell very much enjoys having light-hearted downtime playing sports, particularly cricket, with his friends.

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Amy Nghiem

Data Analyst – Product Data

Amy Nghiem is a Data Analyst at Canstar, where she works in the Product Data team as a specialist in energy and insurance and also supports the telecommunications vertical. Since joining Canstar in 2022, Amy has developed a strong knowledge of product, market and regulatory changes in the Australian energy space, ensuring that consumers who use Canstar Blue’s energy comparison tools see the most current and relevant plan information.

Amy has considerable experience in data-driven roles that require a high level of accuracy while handling large volumes of information, including in the export and education sectors, while her entertainment and marketing background helps her ensure her work is easy for consumers to leverage to make more informed decisions. 

When Amy isn’t talking directly to her energy market contacts or turning plan information into a comparison format, she’s either practising Kung Fu and Lion Dance or catching up on the latest movies and TV Shows.

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Tom Doyle

Research and Product Data Assistant

Tom Doyle is a Research and Product Data Assistant at Canstar, where he focuses on the collection, organisation and preservation of data across a diverse list of product verticals. Previously, Thomas was a freelance journalist for Canstar Blue, which included writing guides and comparative articles on a range of trends and topics relevant to Australian consumers.

Thomas joined the Canstar team while completing a Bachelor of Business/Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology, with a special interest in entertainment management.

When he’s not in the Canstar office or studying for his degrees, Tom enjoys supporting the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and catching up with friends at local beaches.

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(*) Source: Canstar quarterly brand tracking survey, conducted through Qualtrics Nov 2023. n=1027