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Is it time you upgraded the white goods around your house; be it a new air conditioner or maybe some top of the range kitchen appliances? Our customer satisfaction ratings can help you make a better buying decision when you’re shopping for home appliances. Deciding on the perfect appliance for you can be a timely, costly, tough decision, which is why many shoppers tend to do a bit of research before making their purchase. But with millions of websites and reviews available, the whole process can be exhausting.

Canstar Blue has developed appliance customer satisfaction ratings to bridge the gap between consumers, and help them research the latest and greatest products available. Our appliance reviews website and the ratings themselves are guided by the principle “by consumers, for consumers.” That means our ratings represent the wider consumer sentiment of everyday Australians.

Our surveys ask how shoppers felt about their appliance purchases; some people were happy, and some people weren’t! Those responses were recorded, fed through a methodology, and translated into ratings.

Our formula for rating appliances is simple; overall customer satisfaction drives the awards, not price. We’ll also show you how satisfied customers are with their appliance’s price tag, durability, size, design, and so on. But basing our awards around overall customer satisfaction ensures brands are recognised for offering a complete experience to consumers.

As your preferred appliances comparison site, we are not here to push a certain product or brand; we are here to help you make an informed decision. To start browsing through the brands, click on the logos below to view more details on the appliance type it’s most associated with.

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