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What is the best way to butter bread

Aussies finally settle the debate on the right way to butter bread

The battle of the buttering technique has finally been settled − nearly two in five Aussies (38%) say buttering the outside of the toast is best, according to new research.

In comparison, almost one in three …

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Are you spending too much on meat each week?

How much should you spend on meat at the supermarket?

It’s no secret that trimming the fat on your grocery bill goes a long way to beef up your savings. While meat can make up a large chunk of your supermarket spend, you don’t need …

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Woolworths dishes out new vegan Christmas food range

Woolworths dishes out new vegan Christmas food range

Vegans and vegetarians rejoice! You won’t have to skip out on the Christmas spread this year because Woolworths just launched a new plant-based Christmas range, including a soy protein roast and a cult favourite vegan …

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sMart Lock trolley with QR code

Could smart shopping trolleys with GPS tracking become reality?

Smart shopping trolleys with GPS tracking and that unlock with a QR code instead of a coin could be the way forward for Aussie supermarkets and shoppers.

The technology, called sMart Lock trolley, could prevent shoppers from …

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How you can use Afterpay to pay for groceries at Coles & Woolies

A TikTok user has figured out a way to use Afterpay to pay for groceries, despite the ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) service not being officially available in-stores. 
The social media user shared a step-by-step video …

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