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Instagram rolls out Reels, a competitor to TikTok

Posted by August 7th 2020

With the controversial US ban of TikTok continuing to make news worldwide, Instagram has rolled out its own competing video-sharing feature - Instagram Reels. If you don't already know, TikTok is a popular video recording app …

Huawei announces the 5G-ready P40 Pro+

Posted by August 6th 2020

Huawei has announced the newest phone toting the P40 name, the P40 Pro+, a 5G enabled phone with an impressive array of cameras, that will launch early August 2020. Huawei has had a rough time internationally …

Still from Disney's live action Mulan movie

Mulan live-action remake to stream on Disney+

Posted by August 6th 2020

Let’s get down to business! Mulan was one of the most anticipated Disney releases of 2020: then the global pandemic hit, pushing back the release of Disney’s latest live-action remake. But if you've been dying …

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NBN Plans: Dodo cuts premium NBN 100 prices

Posted by August 6th 2020

Dodo has made several major changes to its NBN offerings, providing unlimited NBN 25 and bringing its NBN 100 price down to one of the cheapest in the country. Through Dodo you can now get NBN 100 …