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Solar panels on an angled roof

ACCC urges customers to check solar batteries for fire risk

Posted by May 23rd 2022

The consumer watchdog is urging customers with an LG, SolaX or Opal home energy solar system to check their solar batteries immediately for a potential fire hazard. There are concerns that some consumers may have missed …

French Open

How to watch the French Open in Australia

Posted by May 23rd 2022

It’s Roland around again – the French Open – one of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, is getting underway in the Hexagon (France, if that wasn’t clear enough). Second best to only Wimbledon in terms of …

Woman sitting wrapped in blanket with beanie on

Sydney: Prepare for peak energy prices this winter

Posted by May 20th 2022

Sydney residents will need to watch their energy use during peak time periods as winter tariffs kick in next month. From June 1 to the end of August, Sydneysiders living on the Ausgrid network will be …

Man holding calculator in front of solar panels

Origin releases AI tool that helps Aussies choose solar system

Posted by May 18th 2022

Origin has launched an online solar tool that’s able to provide customers with insights of how well a PV system will perform on their rooftop. The utility giant claims the AI technology removes effort and guesswork …


How to Watch Angelyne in Australia

Posted by May 17th 2022

Angelyne didn’t have Instagram to become famous, so she used the next best thing – giant billboards across the city of LA. While the name, image and, of course, pink Corvette, is an intractable part …

Night Sky

How to Watch Night Sky in Australia

Posted by May 17th 2022

A lot of kids believe their backyard cubby can transport them to magical places, but very few grow up to find out it’s true. In the enchanting new series, Night Sky, a couple goes their …

Now and Then

How to Watch Now and Then in Australia

Posted by May 17th 2022

It’s a spooky feeling to think that your mistakes from 20 years ago can still find you, but when the mistake is potentially murder, your chances of outrunning it probably aren’t great. This is the …

electric heaters guide australia models prices review compare oil column fan ceramic radiant fireplace

Electric Heaters Buying Guide

Posted by May 17th 2022

So many electric heaters, so little time. What’s the difference between them? We take a look at several types of electric heaters and break down features, costs, efficiency and other important nuggets to help you …