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Preparing healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners every day is both time-consuming and stressful. But those weight loss shakes and meal replacements just don’t do it for you. You want real food, but you also want to lose weight and be your healthiest self. What do you do? Lite n’ Easy may be your answer. The home delivery service brings fresh food to your door that requires no more effort than popping a meal in the microwave or oven. Is Lite n’ Easy what you’ve been searching for?

What is Lite n’ Easy?

Lite n’ Easy is a personalised meal delivery service designed for weight loss, weight management, and for people who are too busy to prepare healthy nutritious meals every day. Meals are delivered straight to your door and simply require heating. Its focus is on light, fresh and healthy ingredients to help customers better manage their weight.

Is Lite n’ Easy just for losing weight?

While many people use Lite n’ Easy to lose weight and stick with it as an easy way to maintain their weight, it’s also a way for busy people to enjoy healthy meals without all of the time and stress of planning and cooking yourself. Rather than needing to carefully plan and prepare healthy meals, with Lite n’ Easy you just select your meal plan and which meals you’d like, and Lite n’ Easy does the hard work for you. The menu is pretty varied and changes seasonally, so you’re unlikely to get bored.

Who can use Lite n’ Easy?

Anyone who can be reached by the Lite n’ Easy delivery service can use its products. Check here to find out whether Lite n’ Easy delivers to your area. However, the menu is designed for the average person and does not cater for special dietary requirements such as coeliacs, vegetarians, and people with allergies. You do have limited ability to swap between some meal options but it isn’t flexible enough to accommodate specific needs.

What do you get with Lite n’ Easy?

You can choose between the 1200, 1500 or 1800 calorie menus (5000, 6300 or 7500 kilojoules). The Lite n’ Easy website has a guide for finding the meal plan they recommend for you. The full meal plan package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, or you can choose any combination of which meals you would like prepared. There are also snacks and desserts to add to your order.

If you choose to have only some of your meals prepared by Lite n’ Easy (for example, breakfast and dinner), then your full calorie limit won’t be covered by those meals. This allows you full flexibility to control your daily choices, but it does put more planning responsibility in your hands.

How do I use Lite n’ Easy?

You can find everything you need to order from Lite n’ Easy on their website. You can browse the latest menus, select and place your order, then just wait for it to arrive. It’s pretty simple! You can change your order each time if you wish, so you can explore how to make Lite n’ Easy work best for you. If you’re having trouble with the website, you can give them a call for assistance.

How much does Lite n’ Easy cost?

There are a variety of meal plans to choose from based on your needs and budget. You can order packs to cover meals for as many as 28 days, although most packages are for either 5 or 7 days. Prices and menu range may vary depending on your state. Here’s an example of the costs for Queensland orders, correct as of October 2016:

Meal Package 1200 Calorie Plan 1500 Calorie Plan 1800 Calorie Plan

lunch, dinner

$103 $111 $120

breakfast, lunch & dinner

$113 $123 $138

lunch, dinner

$126 $138 $152
breakfast, lunch & dinner
$144 $157 $177

Source: Lite n’ Easy website

Dinners Only

  • 5-pack $64
  • 7-pack $82
  • 14-pack $146

Delivery is free within standard zones. Outside of Lite n’ Easy’s standard delivery zones, delivery may or may not be available and could involve a delivery charge. You can contact them via phone or their website to find out whether they deliver to you and if it will involve a fee.

Do I have to join a contract or subscription?

Lite n’ Easy has no joining fee and no lock-in contract. You will only be charged for what you order. There is the option to sign up for regular deliveries so you don’t have to remember to order each week, but you can cancel this at any time with no fees. Orders can be placed up until 11am the day prior to your area’s scheduled delivery day. Check the website to find out when Lite n’ Easy delivers to your area. You can also change or cancel your order up until this time. Your credit card won’t be charged until the day prior to delivery.

Is Lite n’ Easy worth the money?

It depends on what kind of meal service you want. While Lite n’ Easy is not exactly cheap, you’re paying for a reliable service with high-quality meals prepared by chefs and delivered to your door. It also saves you the time and hassle of planning and cooking healthy food. Given that you’re only obliged to pay order by order, it’s easy to just give it a go and see whether Lite n’ Easy works for you.

If you prefer real food over meal replacements such as weight loss shakes, Lite n’ Easy may be the weight management service for you.

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