Smeg to launch unique Coca-Cola fridge collector’s item

Smeg has partnered with Coca-Cola to launch a limited-edition fridge that features a unique ‘inclusive and harmonious’ Coca-Cola-inspired design to commemorate 50 years since the launch of the famous 1971 ‘Harmony’ commercial.

The co-branded new Smeg Fab refrigerator ‘Unity’ (FAB28) features all of the same fittings and distinctive features of Smeg’s retro-style refrigerators, including an Italian design and the brand’s signature Life Plus drawer to keep all your produce and dairy products fresh, plus a multi-flow cooling system to maintain optimal temperature and moisture levels inside the unit. The Unity fridge has a 270L gross capacity.

Smeg Coca-Cola fridge

Each Unity fridge is a collector’s item and will have an official numbered plaque to mark its authenticity. Each model features a unique retro 1970s aesthetic. Distribution and pricing will be released closer to the FAB28 Unity’s launch in Spring 2022.


Coca-Cola’s iconic ‘Harmony’ commercial featured a diverse group of young people singing together on an Italian hilltop that they would “like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.” The ad was the most expensive commercial in history at the time.

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