The cheap fans that will blow your socks off

Posted by December 6th 2018

Not everyone has an air conditioner at home, and even if you do, an extra boost to spread that lovely cool air around the room isn’t a bad idea. But with some fans retailing for …

Dyson Fans Review & Guide

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Dyson offers a range of fans in its iconic bladeless design. Canstar Blue brings you a guide on what models are available and prices.

What is the best ducted air conditioner?

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When your house feels like an oven in summer and a freezer in winter, it makes it difficult to go from room to room without needing to turn heaters and air conditioners on and off. …

Is my house suitable for ducted air con?

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For many Australians, air conditioning is an essential to making it through summer. The harsh sun, heat waves that can last for weeks and breezes that feel like someone opened the oven door mean many …

The $20 Kmart food steamer cooking up a fuss

Posted by November 30th 2018

Kmart seems to be the gift that keeps on giving, especially when innovative Aussies reveal some amazing hacks that even the discount retailer probably didn’t consider. From baking sweet Nutella doughnuts in a pie maker to building …

LG R9 Robotic Vacuum Review

Posted by November 29th 2018

Once it was just wishful thinking that the chores would do themselves, but a robotic vacuum cleaner with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) is now a reality. LG’s R9 CordZero robotic vac is jam-packed with smart …

Save up to $500 on KitchenAid mixers and more this Black Friday

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The festive season is fast approaching, and the Black Friday sales might be another reason to celebrate. The ever-popular KitchenAid mixers are almost half price, with plenty of other small appliances also on sale at …

Miele Vacuum Black Friday sales

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German brand Miele is well known for high-end household appliances, including ovens, dishwashers and vacuums. With prices going above $1,000 for Miele’s popular vac range, Black Friday might be an ideal time to snap up …

Black Friday large appliances sale at David Jones

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If you’ve been looking out for sales for some of your household appliances, Black Friday is perhaps one of the best times to buy. David Jones is offering some hefty bargains on fridges, washing machines …