Heat pump vs condenser dryers

Heat pump vs condenser dryer: Which is best?

Posted by March 14th 2024

Heat pump and condenser dryers technically perform the same job – to dry your clothes after washing – and both extract moisture the same way using different technologies. Both designs also have their own sets …

Home Insulation Guide

Home insulation buying guide

Posted by January 25th 2024

The Canstar Blue guide to home insulation. Keep the cost of cooling and heating your home down without blowing the power bill budget.

Average Electricity Bill

What is the average electricity bill?

Posted by January 19th 2024

Sometimes it’s good to be average. If you’re wondering how your electricity bills compare to other customers, Canstar Blue has the answers for you.

Basics of Ducted Air

Is my house suitable for ducted air con?

Posted by November 23rd 2023

For many Australians, air conditioning is an essential to making it through summer. The harsh sun, heat waves that can last for weeks and breezes that feel like someone opened the oven door mean many …

Man cleans car

Car Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Posted by November 22nd 2023

Dragging the household vacuum out, making sure the power cable reaches the car and all the fuss that comes with trying to clean car seats just seems like it belongs in the ‘too hard basket.’ …

Ducted Air Conditioner costs

How much does ducted air conditioning cost?

Posted by November 10th 2023

Ducted air conditioning is indisputably the pinnacle of household heating and cooling. Unlike conventional air conditioners which can usually only cool one or two rooms, ducted air con uses vents (or ducts) in the walls …

evaporative cooler in room

How much do evaporative coolers cost to run?

Posted by November 6th 2023

At some point, we’ve all experienced ‘end of summer’ power bill shock, making reaching for the air con remote less and less appealing as the years go by. But when the temperature reaches sweltering and …

White clothes on washing line

How to wash white clothes & keep them white

Posted by November 16th 2023

Whether you like to dress up or down, white clothes are a wardrobe staple and a timeless choice that affords endless outfit opportunities. On the flip side, washing white clothes, and trying to keep them …

Fridge with ice maker

Fridges with water and ice dispensers

Posted by November 9th 2023

Refrigerators are an essential purchase for every household and in recent years, brands have looked to diversify their features and functionality in order to set themselves apart from the competition. In today’s market, most new …

Smart Air Conditioners

Smart Air Conditioners Buying Guide

Posted by November 2nd 2023

What is a smart air conditioner? What can they do? Find out all the answers to your smart air conditioner questions at Canstar Blue.

A guide to cleaning your dishwasher

How to clean a dishwasher

Posted by October 30th 2023

Sick of your dishwasher not doing its job properly? It might be time for a clean. That’s right, a clean. Find out how at Canstar Blue.