Click Frenzy Julove sale

Score up to 99% off big brand names in huge Click Frenzy sale

Posted by July 23rd 2020

They say ‘nothing comes for free’ ─ but it seems Click Frenzy’s latest stunt is offering something pretty close. The first ever ‘Julove’ event is giving members a chance to score a whopping 99% off …

Smeg vs Miele Kitchen Appliances

Posted by August 3rd 2020

Smeg and Miele are both considered high-market brands, which have capitalised on their European history and style to reinforce the impression of high-quality. Find out how these brands stack up against each other, when it …

Big W sales

Big brand deals available at Big W this week

Posted by July 15th 2020

If you like savings and big brands (let's be honest, who doesn't), then gather up your pennies, because Big W is launching its Big Brands sale on Thursday (July 16), with discounts of up to …

7 must-have appliances when moving out

Posted by July 15th 2020

The Three Little Pigs didn’t exactly have the best luck when they went to market for all the straw, sticks and bricks needed to build their homes. We all know how that ended. However, we …

What you can and can't clean in dishwasher

10 things you can & can’t clean in the dishwasher

Posted by July 14th 2020

Your dishwasher is the real workforce of your kitchen, in charge of the tedious task of cleaning all your dirty dishes and cookware − day after day. While there’s a lot your trusty kitchen appliance …

how to clean your washing machine

How do I clean my washing machine?

Posted by August 6th 2020

Who cleans the cleaner? Washing machine cleaners cost under $10 and can help keep your washing machine performing well. Find out more at Canstar Blue.

Is an air fryer or oven better

Air Fryers vs Ovens: What’s the difference?

Posted by July 21st 2020

First there was David and Goliath, then Tom and Jerry and the heart-pumping chase between Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote. These days, there’s nothing hotter than satisfying those late-night cravings or whipping up quick …

Heat pump vs condenser dryers

Heat pump vs condenser dryer: Which is best?

Posted by July 8th 2020

Heat pump and condenser dryers technically perform the same job – to dry your clothes after washing – and both extract moisture the same way using different technologies. Both designs also have their own sets …

what size fridge do I need?

What size fridge do I need?

Posted by July 6th 2020

Fridges come in all different shapes and sizes, which can make finding the right one for your home all the more difficult. If you’re wondering what type or size fridge you need, we’ve compiled a …