Fridges with ice makers & water dispensers

With refrigerators an essential purchase for households, brands have looked to diversify their features and functionality in order to set themselves apart from the competition. With technology, user-friendliness, and convenience some of the biggest factors when it comes to new fridges, features such as ice makers and water dispensers have become the new battleground for many brands.

In today’s market, most new models – over a certain price tag – now come with a water and ice dispenser, allowing families to get a cool glass of water straight from the fridge without opening the door – a handy function for those who only drink cold water, and households who like to entertain.

With plenty of models and brands now available with ice and water dispensers, finding one that will suit your household preferences, and budget will depend on other features. Read on for our guide to fridges with ice and water dispensers, and find out what you can get for your money.

Fridges with water & ice dispensers

These brands currently offer fridges with water and ice dispensers:

  • Bosch
  • Electrolux
  • Fisher & Paykel
  • Haier
  • Hisense
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Smeg
  • Westinghouse


Bosch KAD92AI20A 633L Serie 6 Side by Side Fridge

Known across multiple industries, Bosch has expanded its operations from its original automotive heritage to include household appliances. Amongst its extensive range of products is the humble fridge, including bottom and top models, as well as the popular side-by-side systems available for all household sizes, regardless of how many hungry mouths you have to feed.

Water dispensers aren’t available on some models, with the Serie 6 and Serie 8 fridges the best options for those after the feature. Both series come with a range of additional features and functions, including VitaFresh Plus, which will keep your fruits and veggies fresh for twice as long, according to Bosch, as well as NoFrost technology.

Capacities will range between models, but Bosch may be a good option for your household regardless of how much space you need for the groceries.

  • Bosch models often also include TouchControl operation, helping you set the temperature and other features.


Electrolux fridge with ice maker

Electrolux is a global appliances company with brands including AEG, Anova, Frigidaire, Westinghouse, and Zanussi. If you’re looking for a fridge with an ice-making and water dispensing feature, you’ll find several in the French door range, as well as in some upright and bottom mount models.

Electrolux has designed its water dispensers to be ‘ultra-slim’ and most offer continuous cool filtered water, as well as cubed and crushed ice at just the touch of a button. That’s going to be useful on party nights!

  • Electrolux fridges offer other nifty functions like a SnackZone storage compartment (to keep your snacks fresh) and a TasteLock vegetable crisper.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher Paykel E442BRXFDU5 442L Bottom Mount Fridge

Fisher & Paykel has long been a respected brand within the home appliance community, with years within the industry as well as a wide range of products making it a go-to option for many consumers. With a variety of fridges available, including integrated, French Door, bottom-mounted, as well side-by-side models, Fisher & Paykel gives consumers plenty of options for those after a water and ice dispenser, with the feature available across most model types.

While Fisher & Paykel will have a water and ice dispenser available on at least one model per range, consumers will have to look at the other features of the fridge before deciding on which one to walk out the door with. If you’re after an ice maker, however, the range becomes far less extensive, although each type of fridge will have a few options for consumers.

  • Fisher & Paykel’s ice makers are designed in a dedicated freezer bin, which can be turned off to increase freezer space.


Haier fridges with ice makers

Haier is best-known for its range of budget-friendly home, cooking and laundry appliances. For its fridges, the brand uses FresherTechs (a set of refrigeration technologies) to keep all different foods in your fridge optimally preserved, while maintaining their nutritional value, appearance and flavour.

For models with ice and water dispensers, Haier only offers a few, but at very reasonable price points, from $1,199 for a bottom mount model. Some models also come with a refillable water dispenser, which removes the need to connect a water pipe to the unit. Plumbing-free fridges typically use a water tank to make ice and water.

  • Haier fridges come with a 24-month parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty for extra peace of mind.


Hisense HR6SBSFF610SW 610L Side by Side Fridge

Offering a cheaper option for consumers, Hisense still has a large range of fridge varieties and models to suit all household sizes and preferences, with French door, side-by-side, top and bottom-mounted fridges all available in a range of capacity sizes and finishes.

If the water dispenser and ice maker are the only defining parameters you’re interested in, then Hisense will be able to meet your requirements, with models across the entire range coming with the features. The water dispensers are less common though, with the French door range most likely to have what you desire.

Other common features from Hisense models include LED displays with touch control, a super freeze function to keep the ice cream from melting on those hot days, as well as interior, LED lighting to help with those late night fridge raids.

  • All Hisense fridges come with a three-year warranty.
  • Hisense’s ice makers are all moveable twist units, allowing for easy access.


LG GS D665BSL 665L Side by Side Fridge

A heavyweight of the home appliance and electronics markets, LG has a variety of fridges available for Australian consumers to choose from, with all styles and capacities catered for.

LG’s fridge range includes both bottom and top-mounted fridges, as well as the popular side-by-side and French door models, with integrated fridges also available to suit your kitchen aesthetic. Capacities also range from 223L up to 906L, with each available in a range of colours and finishes, including stainless steel models.

For those after a water dispenser, the majority of LG’s French door range contains the feature, with LG catering for users by expanding the dispenser to fit a water bottle size container. Additionally, LG also offers digital controls for easier filling, as well as a childlock to prevent spills.

  • LG also offers a Slim Indoor Ice Maker, allowing for more freezer space for households, with the ice maker built into the fridge door.


Samsung 583L French Door Refridgerator SRF583DLS

An electronics company that has been making moves into the home appliance market, Samsung has become an increasingly popular choice for households, with technological features making the simple fridge exciting to use.

Samsung has a wide range of fridges to suit all kitchen styles and needs, with French door, side-by-side and traditional models now available. All Samsung fridges come with Twin Cooling, allowing for regular cooling airflow throughout the fridge, keeping your food fresh and cold. The higher-end models also offer the Family Hub feature, which is a display set up on the fridge door, allowing households to leave notes, order groceries as well as search the internet for recipes.

  • Some Samsung models won’t have an ice maker but will have an ice dispenser, meaning you can still cool your drink without limiting your freezer space.


Smeg fridge with ice maker

Italian brand Smeg is renowned for its 50s retro-style appliances, including toasters, kettles, coffee machines, plus more. Its refrigerator range features retro-chic models in freestanding, single door and fridge freezer combined options. Smeg also offers two fridges with an ice and water dispenser, although these will set you back upwards of $4,000. Both have the ice and water dispenser located in the fridge door, allowing for an easily fill up of chilled filtered water as well as cubed or crushed ice. The fridge’s digital control display is also located on the front panel where you can set the temperature of the fridge and freezer sections.

  • Smeg fridges all feature a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, which covers labour and parts, plus standard wear and tear faults.


Westinghouse WSE6870SA 680L Side by Side Fridge

Westinghouse is a common name in appliances, with the company providing possibly the largest fridge range on the market for Aussie consumers to check out. Offering all types of finishes to suit your kitchen’s aesthetic, Westinghouse also offers a wide variety of large-capacity models for larger households.

For those after water and ice dispensers, the French door model may be the best option to consider, as there is more variety in terms of capacities and functions. Otherwise, consumers will still be able to grab a cold glass of water from Westinghouse’s bottom-mounted models.

  • Other Westinghouse features include adjustable door shelves, as well as adjustable crispers to help keep your fruit and veggies fresh.
  • For those after just a fridge unit, Westinghouse also provide Vertical Fridges, which are essentially the same size as a fridge and freezer, just without the freezer component.

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Is a water dispenser & ice maker worth the money?

Water dispensers and ice makers are handy features to have, as they not only allow your family and guests to keep cool during those hot days, but they may also help you save energy in the long run, as there is no need to open the fridge door and allow the cool air to escape.

However, there are a few things to note before you set your heart on a water dispenser and ice maker:

  • Some water dispensers will require plumbing installation to work, meaning you may have to fork over more cash than you were expecting in order to properly set up your fridge
  • Depending on what water lines you’re connected to, you may need to also install a filter within your fridge, which will cost extra and have to be replaced and maintained
  • Ice makers are handy but will take up space in your freezer, which could leave you playing Tetris every time you go grocery shopping

If the only parameters you have for purchasing a new fridge are the water dispenser and ice maker, you may find the whole process confusing and stressful as fridges have evolved to offer more for households to use and enjoy. Capacity, energy efficiency, adjustable storage space, and even display screens are all available across a range of models and brands, meaning that it’s best to do your research before you purchase.

However, if you’re up to the task, there are plenty of brands and models available with water dispensers and ice makers, meaning you’ll have plenty to choose from.

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