Our Fact Checking Process

At Canstar Blue, our mission is to help Australian consumers make sense of complicated subjects, especially when it comes to households bills and purchasing big-ticket items for your home. As such, we take the accuracy of our content very seriously – and strive to ensure that we’re bringing you the most up-to-date and helpful information possible, in the balanced, full-picture fashion you expect from us.

As such, we have a thorough Fact Checking Process in place, so you can trust that a page showing our ‘Fact Checked’ approval has recently been published or updated by our team of experts.

Fact Checked content on Canstar Blue has been:

  • Produced by one of our category specialists (e.g. energy, telco, or home & lifestyle) using up-to-date information from our own in-house data and research teams, or other reputable sources such as industry bodies and governments. We work closely with our data analysts to ensure pricing used is up-to-date at time of publication.
  • Reviewed by a senior member of the team to double-check pricing and product accuracy, as well as ensure the content meets our high standards for editorial balance and giving you the full picture. Data sources and contributions are checked to make sure they are relevant and not biased.
  • Approved for publication by one of our senior editors or editor-in-chief. Only then will the Fact Checked article appear on our website.

Our Fact Checking Process is underpinned by our Editorial Code which details the position and responsibilities of our team in bringing you factually accurate and helpful information, free from commercial influence.

Meet our Editorial Team.

If you believe we have fallen short of these standards, please feel free to Contact Us.