The washing machine that can iron your clothes

Who actually likes ironing? Raise your hand. Now have a seat over there. Ironing is a downright pain for many at the best of times, and a sheer nightmare at other times. It’s probably one of the most disliked household chores, but nevertheless an important one. It’s also a definite skill being able to efficiently get rid of all of the creases in a garment and not throw everything across the room. But what if we told you that you might not necessarily need to iron anymore? This is where some nifty washing machines come in and do the ironing for you. Is your interest piqued?

Doing the laundry can be a rather laborious chore at times, particularly if you’re left with a big pile of ironing to do after the washing is finished. Who has the time to put the washing load on, wait around for the clothes to dry, and then spend an hour or so ironing all those school uniforms and work shirts?

The best innovations are the ones that genuinely help solve a problem, and this lengthy washing process is a modern day, first world problem faced by millions of families. So what if you could buy a washing machine that streamlines the process and reduces the need for ironing? Your answer:

  • V Zug ‘Adora’ SLQ WP

What is the Adora SLQ WP?Adora-SLQWP thumbnail

The Adora SLQ WP is one of the most impressive in Swiss manufacturer V Zug’s range of laundry appliances. It is the world’s first washing machine to explicitly boast an anti-crease and steam function to help eliminate wrinkles on clothes. It is also the world’s first washer to employ heat pump technology.

While commonly found on dryers, heat pumps are an unprecedented technology in washing machine land. This Adora model employs the use of normal washing methods, with the heat pump technology to deliver powerful washing when you need it, and efficient operation to help curb those power bills.

We all want to save time and look our best, which is exactly what the Adora SLQ WP washing machine from V ZUG – a Swiss premium appliance manufacturer – can deliver. This washing machine, like others in its range, is at the forefront of modern day efficiency and convenience. At the top end of home appliances, it doesn’t come cheap. Expect it to cost over $4,000. But what it costs you in dollars, it will save you in time, effort and power bills over the years. Now, how can it eliminate ironing?

  • In a nutshell, the Adora SLQ WP front loader washing machine boasts a steam and anti-crease function which uses steam to smooth out creases during the washing cycle. It does this so well that ironing may not even be necessary.
  • In addition, V ZUG claims the Adora SLQ WP is the first washing machine in the world to use heat pump technology and is also the world’s most energy efficient washing machine.
  • It boasts an impressive 5-star energy rating using a combination of normal and heat-pump washing. Using this combination it consumes 180kWh every year, which is already outstanding but can be improved by solely using the heat pump function.
  • It also comes with a vibration absorbing system to reduce the noise impact in the home. Another model in the Adora range, the SLW WP, also includes an anti-mite program to kill dust mites.

The Adora SLQ WP is bursting with innovation because of the efficiency and convenience it offers consumers. It’s the first automatic washing machine of its kind to smooth out creases with steam, reducing the need for ironing and shortening the whole laundry process. The Adora SLQ WP is the premium model in the V ZUG washing machine catalogue and its price reflects that. However, if you’re after a transformation of your laundry into an innovative place to be then V Zug appliances are a solid choice.

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What about dryers?

If you have to use a clothes dryer, then you may have realised by now that dryers can seriously put some wrinkles on your shirts! It’s a combination of the heat and dry air that does it. Luckily, there is a solution; keep an eye out for dryers that have a steaming function. Such brands and models to have a steaming function and other non-iron features are:

  • Miele heat pump dryer (TKG450 WP). This top-of-the-line German-made model comes with ‘Steam Care’. It exists as a function that breathes steam and heat into your clothes before the cycle is done, so the dryer doesn’t just leave you ‘high and dry’. It also boasts 7-star energy efficiency and a range of other features as standard on Miele dryers. But be prepared to be nearly $3000 for this one.
  • V Zug ‘Adora’ models (various). Besides innovative and efficient drying, V Zug dryers feature a ‘Crease guard’. The crease guard program applies gentle heat over a 20 minute period, which removes much of the harshness of a traditional drying cycle. You still have to hang out your clothes at the end though. V Zug’s dryers are not exactly cheap – expect prices to be over $3,000.
  • Electrolux ‘Sensor Dry’ Clothes Dryer (EDV6051). Swedish appliance giant Electrolux has ‘crease-free’ options on a range of its dryers, but this 6kg model represents a solid option. Its anti-crease technology periodically rotates the drum after the drying cycle ends to prevent clothes from settling and creasing. The best news is that out of these three brands, Electrolux is generally the most cost effective option. This model for example is under $1500.

Generally, European companies are leading the charge when it comes to forward-thinking technology such as anti-creasing. These three models each deliver anti-creasing benefits in different ways. However, beyond spending a bunch of money on a dryer that could eliminate ironing, there are several cheap or free and natural ways to get rid of creases.

What can I do to curb wrinkles without fancy machines?

There are a few methods you can employ to minimise risk of wrinkles:

  • Cold Wash Cycle: There’s something about heat that clothes really don’t like. Using a cold cycle will help minimise wrinkles. It could work out to be cheaper as well, as you’re potentially saving money by not having your washing machine heat up the water.
  • Hang Dry: Forego the dryer and hang dry your clothes if possible. For dress shirts and other garments prone to wrinkling, hang them on a hanger and let the sun do the ironing for you! This is not only a more eco-friendly way to dry clothes; you could also save money on dryer running costs.
  • Put a crinkly garment in the bathroom: No, not for a shower. Hang it up while you have a shower, and the steam works to de-crease the garment. You effectively knock out two birds with one stone; let the ironing be done for you while you shower and you’ll have a crisp shirt to put on for work, or that hot date.

These methods are not foolproof and your mileage may vary, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a try. In fact, you could even save money by doing so!

Are anti-wrinkle washers and dryers worth the money?

That depends on how much you’re willing to pay for convenience. While having anti-creasing features in your laundry appliances are great, the fact is these are commonly found on more expensive brands and models. Cheap and cheerful washers and dryers likely won’t have these features, and you’ll have to consider if it’s really worth your time in ironing to fork out money for a new washer and/or dryer. Our tip is to give the natural remedies mentioned above first, but if ironing is a real burden on your day then these washers and dryers that could ‘do your ironing’ may be worth the money after all.

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