The best EOFY Washing Machine Sales 2021

Did you know Aussies hold onto their trusty washing machine for nine years? It’s a long-term commitment that can get pretty expensive, with our survey revealing shoppers spend an average of $771 on a new front load washing machine or nearly $680 for top loaders. And that’s just the appliance itself!

Thankfully, there are plenty of bargains to score during this end of financial year sales time as retailers begin to sell off their current stock to make space for the new. Read on to see what big deals you can snap up this EOFY and where to get them.

Who has the biggest EOFY washing machine discounts?

Looking for a small front loader for a single household? Or maybe you need something with a little more oomph to help you get through a week’s worth of school uniforms, sports gear and workwear for a family of five. A number of models from brands featured in our annual ratings are now up for grabs during this year’s EOFY sales, including Miele, Simpson, Fisher & Paykel, LG and Bosch. But keep in mind some brands and retailers offer certain discounts on specific dates, with some available before or until June 30.

Front load washing machine EOFY sales

Model Retailer Sale Price
Bosch Series 4 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine Appliances Online $659 (899 RRP)*
Simpson Ezi Set 8kg Front Loader The Good Guys $739 ($949 RRP)*
Miele 7kg Washing Machine Miele/The Good Guys $1,299 ($1,599 RRP)*

Prices taken from respective retailers , correct as of June 2021.

Bosch Series 4 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine

Now on sale for $659, down from $899* (save $240)

Washing machine eofy bosch

One of the biggest deals happening right now is on Appliances Online, with the Bosch Series 4 7.5kg front load washing machine currently on sale for 27% off its original price. A key feature is the reload function, which lets you add or take out items anytime during specific stages of the wash cycle. This model also contains VarioPerfect, allowing you to wash your laundry using supposedly up to 60% less energy while using the EcoPerfect function, or to shorten the cycle by up to 65% with the SpeedPerfect program.

This Bosch front loader has a maximum spin speed of 1100RPM and boasts a whopping 15 programs. Some of these include Mixed, Drain & Spin and Drum Clean. Other features to expect include:

  • four-star energy efficiency rating
  • five-star water efficiency rating (consumes 64L per cycle)
  • cold-only water connection
  • two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 10-year parts warranty on EcoSilence Drive Motor.

Simpson Ezi Set 8kg Front Loader

Now on sale for $739, down from $949* (save $210)

Washing machine eofy Simpson

This Simpson front load washing machine (SWF8025DQWA) is typically available for $949, but can be picked up for a bit cheaper at $739 during this end of financial year sale. This Simpson front loader can fit up to 8kg, generally making it suitable for households with four or more people. It also has a maximum spin speed of 1200RPM and contains an inverter motor that’s backed up by a 10-year warranty on parts.

Most of the features are geared towards convenience, offering various quick wash options such as Quick 15 and Daily 60. Plus, there’s an XL drum opening to help load bulky items much easier. Other extras include:

  • five-star energy rating (consumes 405kWh/year)
  • five-star water efficiency rating (consumes 68L per cycle)
  • eight wash programs
  • two-year warranty
  • auto water level sensing
  • timed delay.

Miele 7kg Washing Machine

Now on sale for $1,299, down from $1,599* (save $300)

Washing machine Miele

For anyone wanting to invest in a new laundry appliance and doesn’t mind splashing out a few extra bucks during this EOFY sale, Miele is offering customers up to $400 off on selected laundry packages, but this promotion is only available until 30 June.

Claimed to last for 20 years, this Miele (WDB030) washing machine is one of the items up for grabs, now selling for $300 less than its regular price ($1,599 RRP). But if purchased with the Miele (TDB 130) WP Dryer you can save a bonus $200 off the total price on both Miele products.

This Miele front loader comes with a 7kg capacity and a maximum 1400RPM spin speed. Aside from its 12 wash programs, it boasts a honeycomb drum design to ensure gentle garment care and a ProfiEco Motor to provide what’s claimed to be a powerful, yet cost-efficient and quiet performance. Other things you can expect include:

  • four-star energy efficiency rating (consumes 236kWh/year)
  • four-star water efficiency rating (consumes 63L per cycle)
  • cold water connection
  • compatible with Miele CapDosing capsules
  • delay start and countdown indicator.

Top load washing machine EOFY sales

Model Retailer Sale Price
Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart 5.5kg Top Loader Appliances Online $749 ($849 RRP)*
LG 8.5 Top Load Washing Machine The Good Guys $747 ($1,049 RRP)*
Samsung 13kg Activ DualWash Top Load Washing Appliances Online $1,149 ($1,799 RRP)*

Prices taken from respective retailers, correct as of June 2021.

Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart 5.5kg Top Loader

Now on sale for $749, down from $849* (save $100)

Washing machine fisher paykel

This Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart top load washing machine may be designed to clean small loads, but it still comes with a bunch of features built to tackle the same big problems. Notably, this model (MW513) features a SmartDrive system stated to help the machine use less water and run with apparently greater reliability. It also includes a flexible agitator in the middle of the tub to ensure less tangling. The machine additionally contains a soft-close lid, to help prevent injuries caused by accidental slamming.

This Fisher & Paykel top loader has a maximum spin speed of 1000RPM, with three speed options to choose from. Other features you can expect include:

  • five-star energy efficiency rating (consumes 499kWh/year)
  • three-star water efficiency rating (consumes 77L per cycle)
  • two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • four wash programs.

LG 8.5kg Top Load Washing Machine With Smart Inverter Control

Now on sale for $747, down from $1,049* (save $302)

Washing machine lg

If you need an appliance that can handle a fair bit of action in the laundry, then you might want to consider this LG (WTG8521) 8.5kg top load washing machine. It has a generous capacity of 8.5kg and features LG’s Smart Inverter Motor, which is stated to provide better durability and stability than other models from the brand, plus a 10-year parts warranty.

Unlike some models on the market, this LG top loader doesn’t contain an agitator. Instead, it aims to mimic the motion of hand washing by using the motor to move the water in the tub and ensure a thorough clean. The machine also features a control panel at the front for easy access, supposedly further separating it from traditional top loaders.

This LG washing machine has seven wash programs to choose from, including Pre Wash + Cotton, Silent Wash and Duvet. Other highlights include:

  • five-star energy efficiency rating (consumes 580kWh/year)
  • three-star water efficiency rating (consumes 125L per cycle)
  • wide glass lid
  • TurboDrum
  • SmartDiagnosis.

Samsung 13kg Activ DualWash Top Load Washing

Now on sale for $1,149, down from $1,799* (save $650)

Samsung 13kg Activ DualWash Top Load Washing

If you’ve got a mini army to look after, this hefty Samsung 13kg top loader might be worth thinking about. The brand aims to ensure every inch counts by providing a wide tub opening and a fold-back lid design, to make it easier to load and unload bulky items as well as tricky armfuls of wet laundry.

This Samsung top loader also comes with an Eco Tub clean cycle for a supposedly more efficient performance and the Active DualWash has built-in sink and powerful water jet to help you pre-treat stains or handwash delicates before popping them in the wash.

This model has a maximum spin speed of 800RPM and offers 12 wash programs, including a water-saving option. Other things to expect include:

  • three-star energy efficiency rating
  • four-star water efficiency rating (consumes 133L per cycle)
  • delay start.

Should you buy a washing machine this EOFY sales time?

The end of financial year is a good time to look out for sales in the major appliances space, including for the beloved washing machine. Washers are a long term investment, so finding a bargain on the higher end models is always a plus. Typically the higher end models have increased energy and water efficiency ratings. If your current washer isn’t equipped with all the features you require, or isn’t the right capacity, you might like to consider investing in a new one when prices are a little lower. When it comes to sales times, it’s important not to get too carried away, spending money when you don’t really need to. But if you need a new washing machine now, EOFY could be the perfect time to bag a bargain. While you’re here, why not also check out our online ratings, to see how the brands above compare.

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