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While you might be able to get by without some major home appliances for a few days, or even a couple of weeks, it’s the not the case when it comes to the washing machine. Whether you’re moving into your own place for the first time, or you old washer is on the blink, you’ll be looking to get a washing machine on board A.S.A.P.  The good news is there are plenty of bargains to score this end of financial year sales time as retailers begin to sell-off their current stock to make space for the new. Read on for a list of sales you might find this EOFY.

Who has the biggest discounts?

Australians spend an average about $900 on their new front load washing machines and around $700 on their top load washing machines. There are a number of brands that score highly in our ratings that have some pretty hefty discounts available, including Miele, Simpson, Fisher & Paykel, LG and Samsung. Let’s dive into the detail and see what these brands are offering this EOFY sales time, whether your budget is similar to the figures mentioned, a little higher, or you’re looking for something even cheaper!

Front Load Washing Machine Sales

Model Size RRP Sale Price
Simpson Front Loader SWF8025DQWA 8kg $899 $669
Fisher & Paykel Front Loader WH7560P2 7.5kg $1,099 $789
Miele W1 Front Loader TKG852WP 7kg $1,599 $1,399

Source: Appliances Online and Winning Appliances, May 2019

Simpson 8kg Front Loader SWF8025DQWA – $669

The Simpson SWF8025DQWA 8kg Front Load Washing Machine typically costs $899, but can be found for just under $700 this EOFY sales time. It’s a large 8kg capacity unit, generally suited for a household of four or more people, with a maximum spin speed of 1200RPM. It has an Inverter motor backed by a 10 year warranty on parts only. The design features a 3XL drum opening to help with loading and unloading especially the bulky items. It’s boasted for the Time Delay function that allows you to set your washing to be finished at a time that’s convenient for you.

There are eight washing programs to choose from including Delicates, Delicate, Regular, Bedding and an Energy Saver cycle, stated to use less energy than regular cycles. Its Quick wash cycle might come in handy for the small, less soiled items. It’s rated 4.5 stars in terms of its water efficiency, consuming 68L of water per cycle with an auto water level sensing system. In terms of energy, you can expect it to add around $120 to your annual running costs, with a 3.5 star efficiency rating (according to the Standard Test, based on a usage rate of 29c/kWh).

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Fisher Paykel 7.5kg Front Loader

Fisher & Paykel 7.5kg Front Loader WH7560P2 – $789

The Fisher & Paykel WH7560P2 WashSmart 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine typically sits above the $1,000 price mark ($1,099 RRP) but can be found as low as $789 this end of financial year sales time. It’s boasted for a quiet and reliable SmartDrive system, claiming to produce less vibration to not disturb you and the family while you sleep, and with the addition of the delay start and Eco functions, you can make use of the off-peak energy times.

This washing machine comes equipped with a range of different washing modes – 13 different cycles in total – including Allergy, Handwash and a 15 minute SuperQuick wash, as well as a Drum Clean to wash the washer itself. The Vortex Wash setting is designed to speed up the cleaning process, so most cycles can take less than an hour to complete. There’s also a wrinkle-free mode to help spend less time ironing, which can be selected via the SmartTouch control dial. Even as a front loader it allows you to add items mid cycle with the ‘Add a Garment’ function. It has a maximum spin speed of 1400RPM and produces a 58dBA noise level while in spin cycle or 49dBA noise during the wash cycle. In terms of energy efficiency, it’s rated four stars, using around $82 in energy per year, and for water efficiency it rated 4.5 stars, using 64L of water per cycle.

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Miele 7kg W1 Front Loader TKG852WP – $1,399

At the higher end of the price spectrum, you’ll find this Miele 9kg TKG852WP front loader ($1,599 RRP). It’s equipped with a number of programs, such as wools, shirts, cottons Express 20, as well as outerwear cycle claimed to help high-quality outdoor textiles retain their functionality. It also features Miele’s Automatic plus wash program which is handy for those mixed loads, allowing you to wash cottons and polycottons together. Additionally, it allows you to delay the start time by up to 24 hours, so you can make use of the off-peak energy tariffs.

Other notable advantages of this 7kg loader include a patented Miele honeycomb drum, boasted for the “gentlest of care” for your clothing. It also features a precise flow meter to control the amount of water used for each washing cycle – down to the millimetre! This additional system helps give the Miele Classic washer a four star energy efficiency rating. In terms of water efficiency, it’s also rated four stars.

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Top Load Washing Machine Sales

Model Size RRP Sale Price
Fisher & Paykel Top Loader MW513 5.5kg $699 $656
Samsung Top Loader WA11M8700GV 11kg $1,699 $729
LG Top Loader WTG7532W 7.5kg $1,149 $798

Source: Appliances Online, May 2019

Fisher Paykel 5.5kg Top Loader

Fisher & Paykel 5.5kg Top Loader MW513 – $656

The Fisher & Paykel MW513 QuickSmart 5.5kg Top Load Washing Machine ($699 RRP) is now one of the highest rated on Appliances Online, with an average consumer score of 4.7 stars from 5 after more than 150 reviews. Typically, a 5.5kg capacity unit is suitable for one to two people. It features an agitator in the middle of the tub, designed with ‘flexible fins’ to ensure less tangling. It’s also equipped with the SmartDrive system featured in the F&P front loader model that senses each load to use less water and run with greater reliability. While it only has 1.5 stars for energy efficiency, using around $144 in energy per year, it’s rated three stars for water efficiency, using 77L water per cycle.

It’s a fairly straightforward washer equipped with four wash cycles – wool, delicate, heavy and regular. It also has an Eco option, which is stated to use up to 25% less water than the traditional rinse. The design comes equipped with an automatic lint disposal and a stainless steel bowl. Its maximum spin speed is 1000RPM, which helps to spin dry clothes fast and you’ll also find a pause button to add missed items.

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Samsung 11kg Top Loader WA11M8700GV – $729

Samsung’s WA11M8700GV 11kg Activ DualWash Top Load Washing Machine ($1,699 RRP) has huge capacity generally suitable for large households. It features a built-in sick and a water jet to pre-treat stains or hand-wash delicate items. With LED controls located in the middle of the lid, you won’t need to bend or stretch to reach them, according to the brand. Its Magic Filters are boasted to gather all of the flint, fluff and particles from your washed clothing.

Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology is claimed to reduce noise and vibration on this machine during washes. There are 12 wash programs featured, including a Baby Care, Quick Wash and Delicate. There’s also a drum clean function, stated to remove odours, bacteria and detergent residue. Plus, there’s a Smart Check feature, allowing you to monitor any errors and find troubleshooting solutions. It has a three star energy efficiency rating and according to the Standard Test, it’s expected to add around $180 to your annual energy bill. It also has a four star water efficiency rating, using 113L of water per cycle.

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LG 7.5kg Top Loader

LG 7.5kg Top Loader WTG7532W – $798

For a slightly larger capacity unit, you may like to consider the LG WTG7532W 7.5kg Top Load Washing Machine (RRP $1,149). It features LG’s Inverted Direct Drive motor, claimed to be a quiet and durable mechanism with less moving parts and backed by a 10 year parts warranty. It’s boasted for the 6 Motion Direct Drive, based on hand-washing, with a maximum spin speed of 950RPM. It has a 2.5 stars energy rating, which will add around $150 to your annual electricity bill, and uses 77L of water per cycle, which in turn gives it a four star WELS water efficiency rating.

Unlike traditional top loaders, the control panel on this model can be found at the front for easy access. It features a stainless steel tub, without an agitator, and a soft closing lid that lowers gently and shuts quietly. The lid is also transparent, so you can keep an eye on your washing just like you would with a front loader. It has 10 wash programs to choose from including Eco Cotton, Quick and Delicates. It’s also designed with an auto lint filter for convenience and a tub clean program to help remove any detergent build-up. The Smart Diagnosis allows you to trouble shoot programs via the smartphone LG Smart ThinQ app, aiming to save you time and money on call outs.

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Should you buy a washing machine this EOFY sales time?

The end of financial year is a good time to look out for sales in the major appliances space, including for the beloved washing machine. Washers are a long term investment, so finding a bargain on the higher end models is always a plus. Typically the higher end models have increased energy and water efficiency ratings. If your current washer isn’t equipped with all the features you require, or isn’t the right capacity, you might like to consider investing in a new one when prices are often a little lower. When it comes to the sales times, it’s important not to get too carried away, spending money when you don’t really need to. But if you need a new washing machine now, EOFY could be the perfect time to bag a bargain. While you’re here, why not also check out our online ratings, to see how the brands above compare.

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