Harrison Astbury

Harrison Astbury Harrison Astbury is a Canstar Blue journalist specialising in consumer technology and the telecommunications industry. With a degree in journalism from Griffith University and a keen eye for detail, he’s determined to help consumers make better-informed decisions, especially when it comes to their internet and phone plans.

Swimming pool electricity usage

Swimming pool electricity usage explained

Posted by February 1st 2021

Summer wouldn’t be the same with a dip in the pool. But have you ever thought about how much power it uses? Find out the costs at Canstar Blue.

Which petrol should you use?

Posted by January 7th 2021

Petrol comes in E10, E85, 91, 95 and 98 Octane blends. Most cars can get by with E10 or 91, but some cars need higher. Find out which fuel your car needs at Canstar Blue.

Boosting Wifi signal

How to boost your Wi-Fi signal

Posted by March 8th 2021

Trying to stream your favourite show, but the Wi-Fi signal in your room is lacking? A Wi-Fi range extender or powerline adaptor could be the answer.

The real cost of running your fridge

The real cost of running your fridge

Posted by January 22nd 2021

Your fridge runs 24/7, so it has a big impact on your electricity bill. Find out just how much your fridge is costing to run at Canstar Blue.

Turning on and off your home appliances using a touch pad control.

The most energy sucking appliances in your home

Posted by March 2nd 2021

How much electricity are your appliances using and how much is it costing you? It’s time to take control of your home appliance power use and save money.

Tesla Model 3 electric car awarded five stars for safety

Posted by January 7th 2021

If you were sceptical of a Tesla electric car holding up in a crash, a new report may quell your concerns. The company’s newest model, the Model 3, has been awarded top marks in the United …

Telstra reveals Australia’s biggest data-users

Posted by February 12th 2021

If you ever wondered if your Netflix binge habits are normal, now is your chance to confirm it. Telstra has for the first time revealed just how much data its customers are using, and the results …

Petrol prices reach four-year high

Posted by January 7th 2021

The ACCC has released its latest price monitoring report and found that fuel prices are hitting a four-year high in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Kogan reduces prices across all of its NBN plans

Posted by February 12th 2019

How low can we go? Online retailer Kogan has upped the ante in the latest price war on the National Broadband Network (NBN). Today Kogan announced it has slashed prices across all three of its NBN …