Harrison Astbury

Harrison Astbury Harrison Astbury is a Canstar Blue journalist specialising in consumer technology and the telecommunications industry. With a degree in journalism from Griffith University and a keen eye for detail, he’s determined to help consumers make better-informed decisions, especially when it comes to their internet and phone plans.

The best Netflix Australia shows of 2019

Posted by December 13th 2018

Review the most bingeworthy Netflix shows in Australia, including Mindhunter, Fargo, Mad Men, The Confession Tapes and more at Canstar Blue.

The best TV shows and movies on Stan

Posted by December 14th 2018

Are you stuck for something to watch on Stan? Here is our pick of the best TV shows and movies on Stan in 2017.

How to factory reset your Samsung phone

Posted by November 15th 2018

So, you’ve reached the end of the road with your beloved Samsung Galaxy phone. The time has come to sell it or hand it down to a sibling, and lord knows you don’t want the …

TPG NBN Plans & Prices

Posted by January 21st 2019

TPG has fast become one of the premier internet service providers (ISPs) in Australia, with more than two million internet customers across the country. Behind Telstra, it is the second-largest telco in the country thanks …

TPG vs iiNet: Product comparison

Posted by January 16th 2019

TPG now owns iiNet, but both offer competitive ADSL and NBN plans starting from just $30. Find out which one reigns supreme in Canstar Blue’s review.

What is the best internet for gaming?

Posted by January 16th 2019

Compare gaming internet plans from MyRepublic, Telstra, Aussie Broadband and more in this Canstar Blue review. Gaming internet reviews.

Apple TV

The best internet providers for Netflix

Posted by January 16th 2019

Downloading high-quality Netflix content requires a good internet connection. Find out which Australian internet providers are up to the job at Canstar Blue.

How to test and benchmark your NBN speeds

Posted by January 21st 2019

How do you know if your NBN speed is slow or not? Speed tests are easy to do and can reveal a lot about how good your internet is.

Cheap Mobile Phone Plans Compared

Posted by January 21st 2019

Compare cheap mobile phone plans at Canstar Blue. But does cheap always mean best? Decide for yourself with this review and guide.

Pocket wifi switch

A guide to internet dongles and pocket Wi-Fi

Posted by January 16th 2019

Dongles – or USB modems – and pocket Wi-Fi are becoming increasingly popular due to the drop in price of mobile broadband. Usually, you need a mobile broadband plan to make use of either a dongle …