Harrison Astbury

Is Apple getting rid of the iPhone’s home button?

Posted by February 19th 2018

Apple could be looking to remove the home button from its iPhone, according to reports. First it was the 3.5mm headphone jack to get the axe, and now it could be the home button that controls …

Google Chromecast Review & Guide

Posted by February 16th 2018

You may have heard of Chromecast, but what is it? Chromecast is developed by Google and is officially designated as a digital media player. It looks like a dongle and is used to stream Netflix, …

Dodo NBN Plans & Prices

Posted by February 16th 2018

Labelled ‘the internet that flies’, Dodo is a longstanding internet service provider (ISP). It has a strong range of NBN plans to suit many a discerning consumer, and with plans starting at less than $30 …

How far does my Wi-Fi signal reach?

Posted by February 16th 2018

What is the range of my Wi-Fi signal? Wi-Fi is generally split up into two bands – 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz – and it’s the 2.4Ghz band that can be stretched further. 2.4Ghz bands can reach up …

iiNet NBN Plans & Prices

Posted by February 15th 2018

Compare iiNet NBN plans across three speed tiers to providers such as Telstra, Optus and TPG in this Canstar Blue review.

TPG NBN Plans & Prices

Posted by February 13th 2018

TPG has fast become one of the premier internet service providers (ISPs) in Australia, with more than two million internet customers across the country. Behind Telstra, it is the second-largest telco in the country thanks …

Telstra NBN Plans & Prices

Posted by February 13th 2018

As Australia’s largest telco, Telstra perhaps unsurprisingly has quite a few NBN plans on offer. Telstra was one of the first big service providers to be more upfront about realistic NBN speed expectations and has previously …

Excess Data Charges Explained

Posted by February 15th 2018

We’ve all heard of excess data charges, but how much do they really cost you? Find out which service providers are charging the most.

foxtel now review

Foxtel Now Review & Guide

Posted by February 20th 2018

Foxtel Now allows you to stream on-demand Game of Thrones, NRL, AFL and so on. Packs start at $10 a month. Canstar Blue reviews this new streaming service.