Harrison Astbury

Harrison Astbury Harrison Astbury is a Canstar Blue journalist specialising in consumer technology and the telecommunications industry. With a degree in journalism from Griffith University and a keen eye for detail, he’s determined to help consumers make better-informed decisions, especially when it comes to their internet and phone plans.

Pocket wifi plans and prices

A guide to internet dongles and pocket Wi-Fi

Posted by September 6th 2019

Dongles – or USB modems – and pocket Wi-Fi are becoming increasingly popular due to the drop in price of mobile broadband. Usually, you need a mobile broadband plan to make use of either a …

The best documentaries on Netflix

Posted by August 5th 2019

Documentaries on Netflix seem to be on the up. Netflix’s production studios are pumping more out almost every week – some binge-worthy and others just bizarre. Settling in for some good fact-based television is a …

What is FTTP NBN?

Posted by September 26th 2018

FTTP stands for fibre to the premises and is one of the rarer types of NBN connection. Review speeds, plans & prices on FTTP connections with Canstar Blue.

What is FTTN NBN?

Posted by September 26th 2018

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is not far off completion, and if you’re not connected yet it’s probably only a matter of time until you are. So, what’s available at your place? Well, unless you’re …

Tesla Model 3 electric car awarded five stars for safety

Posted by September 24th 2018

If you were sceptical of a Tesla electric car holding up in a crash, a new report may quell your concerns. The company’s newest model, the Model 3, has been awarded top marks in the United …

What are the best TV shows to watch on Tenplay?

Posted by September 18th 2018

These days it’s all about bingeing Netflix and other streaming services, making it easy to believe free-to-air television has gone the way of the dinosaur. Not so. Traditional TV networks have largely gotten on the …

Telstra reveals Australia’s biggest data-users

Posted by February 12th 2019

If you ever wondered if your Netflix binge habits are normal, now is your chance to confirm it. Telstra has for the first time revealed just how much data its customers are using, and the results …

Google Chromecast Review & Guide

Posted by June 25th 2019

You may have heard of Chromecast, but what is it? Chromecast is developed by Google and is officially designated as a digital media player. It looks like a dongle and is used to stream Netflix, …

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Review & Guide

Posted by September 5th 2019

Amazon Prime is the latest in streaming services to reach Australia. It starts at just USD $2.99 a month. See how it compares to Netflix and Stan with Canstar Blue.