Canstar Blue’s Editorial Code

Posted by Simon Downes July 16th 2019

The Canstar Blue website is a place for reliable, balanced and factually-accurate consumer content. See here for a list of our authors.

General Editorial Standards

Canstar Blue’s editorial strategy is to put the consumer first. To this end:

  • We are, first and foremost, on the side of consumers trying to make better informed purchase decisions.
  • We do this through our comprehensive ratings reports, how to guides, model and brand specific content, and more.
  • Our purpose is to inform and educate, then provide a path to purchase if desired.
  • We only use reputable sources of information. Sourced information and images will come from official sources where possible.
  • If in any doubt about the reliability or accuracy of information, we seek further guidance before publishing.
  • It is not our place to give opinions, but we may suggest that something looks reasonable and likewise suggest that other options may be worth considering.
  • Content that references prices will have a clear date stamp.
  • We endeavour to ensure that content that references prices will be reviewed and updated accordingly, with the date of the update clearly stated, when we are made aware of price changes.
  • We endeavour to ensure that all content on our site is balanced, providing pros and cons where applicable.
  • Whilst we do feature content from brands and clients, we do not publish suggested content from brands or clients verbatim.
  • We may challenge any brand’s claims that we are not reasonably satisfied with.
  • Editorial decisions are made independently by the editorial team and are not influenced by commercial relationships.
  • Brands are welcome to provide feedback on any factual inaccuracies and raise concerns with the perceived tone or balance of a piece of content, but the editorial team reserves its right with respect to how it may handle this feedback.

News Content on Canstar Blue

  • Editorial decisions on what does and does not constitute news content are made independently by the editorial team and are not influenced by commercial relationships.
  • Editorial decisions relating to news content are made based on putting the consumer (and their right to know about the news) first.
  • We only use reputable sources of information and contacts for news content.
  • News content must remain balanced and any companies referenced negatively are given a right of reply (comments provided to other news sites may be used).