Christine Seib

Christine Seib As Canstar Blue’s Editor-in-Chief, Christine Seib oversees the production and distribution of all Canstar Blue content, as well as working with the Canstar Blue team and the wider Canstar group to bring the best digital tools and information to Australians who want to purchase consumer products and services more easily and with greater confidence. Christine has almost three decades’ experience as an award-winning journalist and editor, including at The Times, CNBC and The Australian, and was Chief Content Officer at media and e-commerce scale-up Starts at 60. She has a Bachelor of Business from the Queensland University of Technology and has appeared as consumer-purchasing expert on 9 News, 7 News and in print and digital media across Australia.

solar panel installer checking roof

How long do solar batteries last?

Posted by February 22nd 2024

For many Australians thinking about switching to solar energy or adding to their solar system set-up, a question often arises: "How long do solar batteries last?”. It’s a common question not least because solar batteries …

solar panel on roof

What is solar PV? Solar photovoltaic technology explained

Posted by February 22nd 2024

Solar photovoltaic technology, commonly known as solar PV when it comes to residential solar systems, has been central to bringing solar energy to the suburbs. But what does PV mean, how does it work and …