Katrina Hasdell

Katrina Hasdell Katrina Hasdell is an Energy Content Producer at Canstar Blue, where she covers Australia’s retail energy market. Katrina is dedicated to providing consumers with easy-to-read information on their energy options so they can get better deals on electricity, solar power and more. She previously wrote content for Australia’s leading home services company, Pulse Home Services, while completing her BA in professional writing and publishing at Curtin University. As a mum of two, Katrina has little spare time, but when does get a moment to herself, you’ll find her with her nose in a book or playing a story-fueled videogame. You can follow Katrina on LinkedIn.


Electricity Distributors in Victoria

Posted by April 19th 2024

This article explains the role of each of the five electricity distributors in Victoria, as well as any relevant information about the company. We’ll also cover the basics of what a distributor is responsible for, …

Sydney Harbour

Electricity distributors in NSW

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Electricity distributors maintain the electricity network to deliver power to your home and business. Canstar Blue discusses Ausgrid, Endeavour and Essential Energy.

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Wholesale energy prices and providers in Australia

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In this article, Canstar Blue will explain what wholesale energy prices are and which energy providers offer them. What are wholesale energy prices? An energy provider will buy electricity – known as wholesale market costs – from …


Pay on time energy discounts explained

Posted by April 16th 2024

What is a pay on time discount? A pay on time energy discount rewards customers for payment punctuality by giving a set amount off the electricity bill. Depending on the provider and plan, the conditions of …

What is a solar feed-in tariff?

Posted by April 12th 2024

Solar feed-in tariffs, FiTs and buyback rates. What are they and how can you sign up? Canstar Blue explains everything you need to know about feed-in tariffs.