Tara Donnelly

Tara Donnelly Tara Donnelly is Canstar Blue’s Utilities Editor, leading the team that focuses on energy, telecommunications and consumer technology, across news, reviews and how-tos. Tara has spent more than a decade covering these topics in Australia, the US and Canada, which means she’s written about countless product launches and industry changes, including the rise of 5G, Australia’s ongoing NBN rollout, the recent years of energy price volatility and the rise of renewable energy sources. Tara also has long experience in writing within the comparison industry, giving her great insights into the information consumers want when determining which plan or device will best meet their needs, while time spent in the financial sector before turning her talent to content lets her crunch the numbers on price with ease. Tara leads the coverage of Canstar Blue’s ratings and awards for the internet and phone sectors and is an expert at advising consumers on how to use comparison tools to find the best power, internet or phone deal. Her expertise has seen her appear in national media including 9 News, 7 News, Sunrise, the ABC and The Sydney Morning Herald. Tara has a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Canberra and is passionate about simplifying complex subjects so consumers aren’t just informed, they’re connected and confident.

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NBN address check: How to check NBN availability

Posted by May 17th 2024

Now that the initial build of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is complete, over 12 million homes and businesses across Australia have access to the NBN network. However, as of March this year, there were …

Queensland Energy Rates Explained

Posted by May 13th 2024

Since retail electricity prices were deregulated in 2016, South East Queensland has experienced a surge in competition. With more than 20 energy retailers open for business in the Sunshine State, it’s no wonder Queenslanders aren’t …


Compare Cheapest Electricity Prices in SA

Posted by May 13th 2024

South Australians pay through the nose for electricity, but there are good offers out there if you shop around. Review plans at Canstar Blue.

SEQ electricity providers

Cheapest Electricity Prices in QLD

Posted by May 13th 2024

Think you’re paying too much for electricity in Queensland? You’re probably right. Compare plans and prices from different providers.

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NSW Energy Rates Explained

Posted by May 13th 2024

In this Canstar Blue guide, we reveal what usage and supply rates customers in New South Wales can expect to pay for their electricity. We also share some tips around finding this information on your …

Google Pixel 8a

Google announces new, feature-packed Pixel 8a phone

Posted by May 8th 2024

Google has announced the latest member of its flagship Pixel phone family, the super-charged Pixel 8a. Featuring the company’s signature Tensor chipset, as well as integrated AI and ongoing security updates, the Pixel 8a is …

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Queensland Energy Concessions and Rebates

Posted by May 8th 2024

There is support at hand for Australians facing financial strife when bill due dates roll around. The Queensland government has provided eligible households with the opportunity to save big on their power costs. Read on to …

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Cheapest Electricity Prices in NSW

Posted by May 3rd 2024

Who is the cheapest electricity provider in NSW? Compare average costs between energy companies in NSW and find the best deal at Canstar Blue.

HFC NBN: Everything you need to know

Posted by May 2nd 2024

When it comes to the NBN, not every NBN connection type is equal. With different connection types available to different households, it can be confusing to not only work out what connection you have, but …