Tara Donnelly

Tara Donnelly Tara Donnelly is Canstar Blue’s Telco Editor and an expert in mobile, broadband, and consumer technology. Having spent years reporting on the telco space in Australia, the US and Canada, she’s covered countless phone launches and industry changes, including the worldwide rise of 4G and 5G and Australia’s ongoing NBN rollout. With a background in retail banking as well as digital media, Tara is passionate about simplifying often complex subjects in order to help consumers stay informed, connected, and confident about technology. When she’s not talking telco, Tara also contributes to Canstar Blue’s streaming and pay TV content, and is always looking for binge-watching recommendations.

Woman sitting cross-legged with laptop, celebrating a good deal

What are the best internet deals?

Posted by August 2nd 2021

Compare internet deals from providers such as Belong, SpinTel, Amaysim, MyRepublic, AusBBS, MATE, Barefoot and Telstra with Canstar Blue.

Best Value Phone Plans

Expert Picks: Best Phone Plans (August 2021)

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When it's time to upgrade to a new smartphone, buying on a telco plan is a simple way to spread out your payments and avoid dropping hundreds on a device upfront. But with more providers …

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Expert Picks: Best iPhone Plans (August 2021)

Posted by August 2nd 2021

iPhones don't come cheap, but if you're absolutely set on a new Apple smartphone, you can still find a great phone plan deal. The newest iPhones are available on plans from Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone, …

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Expert Picks: Best SIM-Only Mobile Plans (August 2021)

Posted by August 2nd 2021

If you're looking to save money and break the 'new phone every two years' contract cycle, a SIM-only mobile plan is the way to go. Swapping to SIM-only gives you almost all of the benefits …

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Expert Picks: Best NBN Plans (August 2021)

Posted by August 2nd 2021

Whether you're new to the NBN, or already connected, finding the best plan for your home and needs can be a struggle. And while price is important, opting for the cheapest plan available doesn't always …

Woman using phone against yellow background

Uber and Optus team up for phone delivery trial

Posted by July 30th 2021

In an Australian first, telco Optus and rideshare app Uber have joined forces to offer customers a new, same-day device delivery service: Optus x Uber Direct. Available at selected stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the …