Tara Donnelly

Tara Donnelly Tara Donnelly is Canstar Blue’s Telco Editor and an expert in mobile, broadband, and consumer technology. Having spent years reporting on the telco space in Australia, the US and Canada, she’s covered countless phone launches and industry changes, including the worldwide rise of 4G and 5G and Australia’s ongoing NBN rollout. With a background in retail banking as well as digital media, Tara is passionate about simplifying often complex subjects in order to help consumers stay informed, connected, and confident about technology. When she’s not talking telco, Tara also contributes to Canstar Blue’s streaming and pay TV content, and is always looking for binge-watching recommendations.

Vodafone $10 plan

Vodafone launches ‘Stay Connected’ plan for COVID-19 relief

Posted by April 8th 2020

In light of the major economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vodafone has introduced a temporary mobile plan to help customers experiencing financial difficulties stay connected. Called the Stay Connected Cap Plan, this $10 per month …

Best mobile broadband plans

The top mobile broadband plans for working from home

Posted by April 3rd 2020

With so many Aussies now working from home, fixed broadband connections - such as NBN and ADSL - are starting to feel the strain. If you're looking for a reliable, portable, and affordable internet option …

5G phones

Where and when can I get 5G in Australia?

Posted by April 6th 2020

2019 was the year of 5G in Australia (and around the world). The next-generation mobile technology promises fast data speeds, more reliable connections, and a brave new world of 'inter-connectedness' that has been dubbed ‘Everything …

Internet Deals Compared

What are the best internet deals?

Posted by April 2nd 2020

Compare internet deals from providers such as Belong, SpinTel, Amaysim, MyRepublic, AusBBS, MATE, Barefoot and Telstra with Canstar Blue.

mobile phone plan deals

What are the best phone plan deals?

Posted by April 2nd 2020

If you’re shopping around for a new mobile phone plan, keep an eye out for these deals. Compare phone plan deals with Canstar Blue.

Vodafone iPhone deal

Vodafone deal: save $634 on the iPhone XS

Posted by March 27th 2020

If you're looking for a great deal on a brand new, high-end smartphone, Vodafone is here to save the day. The telco has slashed a huge $634 off the total price of the iPhone XS on …

NBN installation

Can I get NBN installed during the coronavirus outbreak?

Posted by March 30th 2020

The NBN is scheduled to be completed by June 2020 - but with the economic and social impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it's understandable if Australians aren't confident that the network rollout will actually …

Optus NBN Plans & Prices Compared

Posted by April 2nd 2020

Compare Optus NBN plans with unlimited data starting from just $60 a month with Canstar Blue’s review.

Looking at phone disappointed

How coronavirus is impacting telco call centres

Posted by March 24th 2020

As many Australians stay home to weather the COVID-19 pandemic, it's no surprise that we're turning to our broadband connections and mobile phones like never before to keep us connected and keep morale high. But …