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Energy Credit Checks Explained

Energy Credit Checks Explained

Posted by April 11th 2022

Electricity and gas retailer credit checks. Canstar Blue looks at how your credit score impacts your chances of getting a good energy deal.

Understanding the WA Energy Market

Posted by April 11th 2022

Canstar Blue explains the Western Australian electricity and gas market. Read everything you need to know at Canstar Blue.

The largest energy companies in Australia

Posted by April 14th 2022

You’ve probably heard about the ‘big four’ banks when it comes to finance, but what about the ‘big three’ in energy? We’re referring to Origin Energy, AGL and EnergyAustralia, which currently have the largest retail …

People holding light bulbs in centre

Energy regulator: Healthy signs for competition in market

Posted by March 31st 2022

The energy regulator has announced there’s a ‘healthy sign for competition’, as more Aussies make the switch to smaller power companies despite the bigger players holding majority of the market share. In its latest report, the …

Row of tanks with Ukrainian flags flying

Ukraine crisis: Experts warn of rising gas prices to hit Australia

Posted by March 7th 2022

Australian households already facing higher gas prices are being told to brace for more price hikes after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sparked concerns from industry experts. It came as domestic contract prices for major gas users, …

Time-Varying Solar Tariffs Explained

Time-Varying Solar Tariffs Explained

Posted by April 8th 2022

When solar panels produce more electricity than what your home can use, the excess solar power is fed back into the electricity grid in exchange for what is called a “feed-in tariff” (FiT). This is …

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The largest energy companies in Victoria

Posted by March 10th 2022

Victorians are lucky to have perhaps the liveliest energy market in Australia, with more than 25 electricity and gas providers operating across the state. This could help explain why a vast majority of customers in …

Mature age couple reading energy bills at table

Types of Energy Plans Explained

Posted by March 10th 2022

Imagine pulling into your driveway as Bob from next door waves you down for a bit of a yarn. It’s almost dinnertime and you’re exhausted, yet Bob drops a line about his new energy deal …