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It’s probably fair to say that internet in Australia is lacking by global standards, and compared with other countries pretty expensive for what you get. In this sense, it’s reasonable to assume that people want to get the best deals on their internet wherever possible. Luckily, month to month you can expect at least a handful of service providers to sweeten the deal on what they already offer and throw in things like free activation, free modems, and discounts and so on. Canstar Blue explores some of the more noteworthy internet deals currently going around, as well as what you’ll need to keep in mind if shopping around.

Internet Deals June 2018

Whether you’ve got an NBN or ADSL connection, there are some great internet deals to be found out there. If you go out hunting, you’ll probably realise that some of the more noteworthy deals are found with providers you may not have heard of, so it pays to do a bit of digging and potentially move away from the bigger providers. You can expect $0 activation, included modems, discounted plans or other perks if you shop around, but there may be a few catches. Let’s see what the providers are doing – hit the links below to see what your preferred carrier is offering:

Amaysim Internet Deals

Amaysim is arguably one of the most exciting new internet providers, and deals exclusively in NBN plans. It offers both fixed-line and fixed wireless NBN plans, with three speed tiers available. If you sign up before mid-April you’ll get discounts on your plan, with the $60 plan reduced to $40, and the $70 plan reduced to $60. This applies to the first six months only, and Amaysim’s plans are month to month, so you’ll have to ask yourself is it worth sticking around for six months? The suspected answer is probably yes, as it’s rare to find comparable plans for so cheap. In any case, this deal ends mid-month so you’ll have to think about switching pretty quickly if you want to make the most of it. However, Amaysim has offered this deal for some time now, so don’t be surprised if it’s offered again.

Barefoot Telecom Internet Deals

Barefoot Telecom already offers fairly cheap internet plans, which often come with no set-up fees or lock-in contracts, making them already viable for someone wanting a new low-cost broadband plan. Right now Barefoot offers discounted plan rates for the first six months. This brings unlimited data on ADSL down to just $39 a month, with basic NBN costing $49 a month and Tier 3 NBN only $59 a month. With Barefoot’s plans coming with no contract, this is strong incentive to stick around for another month or six. This offer ends at the end of the month, so if you’re looking for a new provider, get in quickly!

Belong Broadband Internet Deals

Belong – owned by Telstra – offers a large range of both ADSL and NBN deals. Right now, on a lot of plans you can get $0 activation and a $0 included modem if you’re willing to sign up for 12 months. This means that month to month plans miss out, and in many cases, you pay extra for the flexibility. Still, if you’re swayed by Belong, you may find signing up for 12 months is worth it. The cheapest unlimited plan comes in at just $45 a month and you don’t have to worry about activation or sourcing a modem. Below you can see the general price differences between 12-month and no lock-in contract plans.

Exetel Internet Deals

On many of Exetel’s NBN plans, customers stand to receive free activation plus unlimited VoIP home phone calls and a Wi-Fi modem for only $10 a month. Prices for Exetel NBN start at just under $40 for 100GB of data, while the cheapest unlimited deal comes in at just under $55. Note that to get free activation you need to sign up for 18 months as month-to-month and 12 month options do attract a fee. The bonus to this is that this cheap home phone bundle seems to be a longstanding offer.

Hello Broadband Internet Deals

If you have not heard of Hello, you may want to wave hi. Hello Broadband is already a very cheap purveyor of unlimited NBN plans, and this month you can wave hello to two months of free internet on a 24 month contract. Unlimited data with Hello starts at under $50 a month, making it a very cheap provider already. Still, despite the good deal you will have to consider if a lengthy contract is worth the fuss.

iiNet Internet Deals

iiNet has long won Australia over with its customer service and competitively priced internet plans. Just in time for the Easter holidays, iiNet has released a deal that includes Fetch TV packages at no extra cost. How big of a bonus you get depends on your internet plan. The most common included bonus is that on 24 month plans, customers receive the Fetch Premium TV bundle plus one entertainment channel pack at no extra cost per month. This usually costs at least $5 per month on top of your internet plan, making for some solid savings over two years. Unlimited data starts at about $70 a month with basic NBN speeds, making iiNet a viable internet and entertainment option for school holidays and throughout the year.

iPrimus Internet Deals

As part of the Vocus Communications group, iPrimus offers some pretty competitive plans over an ADSL2+ connection. For a limited time, iPrimus sweetens the deal and offers rewards for signing up for 24 months. You can opt for either $5 off your monthly bill, a national call pack, or 100GB bonus data on data-capped plans. iPrimus offers unlimited data from $70 a month and to sign up to one of the largest providers in Australia but keep in mind to get the best deals you’ll need to be signed up for 2 years.

Mate Communicate Internet Deals

Mate Communicate – as part of a company that also holds Barefoot – offers exactly the same type of deal as Barefoot in that you stand to receive a discounted internet plan for the first six months. This brings the price of unlimited data on ADSL down to just $39 a month, with NBN $10 more. Mate promises to be your ‘best mate’ and offers much the same type of plans as Barefoot does, with fairly cheap prices, no lock-in contacts and low or no set-up fees in many cases. Mate also boasts an Australian call centre.

MyNetFone Internet Deals

MyNetFone has been around for a while now, and from time to time offers some tasty internet deals. This month, the deals mostly centre around its call packs. Until the end of April, customers receive 50% off their speed upgrade fee for Tier 3 – 50Mbps. This comes after NBN Co slashed wholesale prices for Tier 3, so don’t be surprised to see MyNetFone and many other providers offer similar deals.

SpinTel Internet Deals

As one of many providers to offer a ‘no set-up’ deal, SpinTel also holds title to being one of the cheapest to offer unlimited data anyway. No set-up fees is just the icing on the cake. Unlike other providers where the best internet deals are with NBN plans, this SpinTel offer seems to only be on its ADSL plans. You can get unlimited data for just under $55 a month, and this includes line rental. Call packs are about an extra $10 a month, making Spintel a very competitive option. For a limited time, SpinTel is charging nothing for setting up your month-to-month ADSL plan and even providing credit on some 18 month plans. This of course depends on the plan you choose, so you’ll have to shop around.

Start Broadband Internet Deals

Start is one of the smaller telcos in this list, but for the month of March it has an offer that may convince you to sign up with them. While not the cheapest telco out there – Start’s unlimited data starts at about $75 a month – it does have no lock-in contract options, and this month you can go faster on your NBN for less. Until the end of the month you can receive $10 off your speed boost, meaning top tier NBN plans can be had for around the same price as a plan on Tier 3. This is arguably one of the more exciting deals out there, but you may still be paying more than with other ISPs to use Start.

Teleron Internet Deals

Teleron is a provider that already stands out for offering competitive internet plans with flexible contract terms and low set-up fees. For the month of April, Teleron also goes on to offer unlimited Netflix streaming and data-free iTunes downloads. If you were concerned about hopping into a data-capped plan with streaming being a big data-eater, Teleron may quash those concerns! Netflix can use up to 3GB of data an hour, and your 100GB allowance could be eaten up quickly without this feature. Data-free Netflix streaming is seldom heard of these days, so Teleron really stands out here.

Vodafone Internet Deals

As the last of the ‘Big 3’ telco networks in Australia to offer internet plans, Vodafone has come out racing. Unlimited data on NBN 50 is just $70 a month and the option is there for a no lock-in contract. For new customers who already have a postpaid Vodafone mobile plan, there are periodical discounts and bonus offers that apply if you bundle both internet and mobile plans. But perhaps the biggest standout offer is the fact on some plans Vodafone offers up to a year’s free Netflix streaming. This offer ends at the end of June so you have some time to assess the deal.

What’s the deal with these internet deals?

The hottest trend with the best internet deals at the moment seems to be offering entertainment packs and discounts to help the budget. Often entertainment packs are additional cost burdens when signing up to a new plan – some to the tune of $10 or more per month. If you’re after a new plan but concerned about the massive upfront cost, choosing a provider offering these deals may be the way to go. Other providers also offer discounts to entice you over, but you’ll have to keep in mind when taking advantage of these deals:

  • Deals & discounts may only be available for the first few months of a plan
  • More notable deals are often only found on 24-month contract plans
  • Other providers offer free set-up and free modems as standard, so these deals may not be as good as they sound

All in all, while these deals sound great, there are sometimes a number of hoops to jump through. It never hurts to compare, though, and before choosing a new provider it pays to see how they stack up alongside other plans.

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