Expert Picks: Best Value NBN Plans (August 2020)


Whether you’re new to the NBN, or already connected, finding the best plan for your home and needs can be a struggle. And while price is important, opting for the cheapest plan available doesn’t always mean you’ll be getting the most value for your money.

Finding the best plan means working out not only your monthly budget, but also your data and speed needs. With four main NBN speed tiers available to most Aussie consumers, there are hundreds of NBN plans out there to choose from – luckily, Canstar Blue is here to help you sort through what’s on offer.

How we help you find the best plan

Using Canstar Blue’s unique Value Score, we’ve picked out the best-value options from each speed tier: NBN 12 (Basic Evening Speed), NBN 25 (Standard Evening Speed), NBN 50 (Standard Plus Evening Speed), and NBN 100 (Premium Evening Speed).

A Value Score is a rating of between 1 and 10 that takes into account not only a plan’s average monthly cost, but also features such as speed and data, as well as customer service and billing options. Value Scores are given to fixed-line NBN products found in Canstar Blue’s comparison tool, which determine the results order when sorting by Value; this is the default sort method when searching, but you’re also able to filter products by other variables such as price, data, or customer satisfaction.

The higher a plan’s score out of 10, the better value it is according to Canstar Blue’s methodology. Overall, if a plan has a lower monthly cost, but includes better features, it’s more likely to receive a higher Value Score than pricier plans with less inclusions. More details on how Canstar Blue’s Value Score works can be found below, or you can read the full methodology document here.

If you’re looking for an NBN plan that combines a great price with great inclusions, searching by Value Score can help make comparing your options a little easier. Sorting by Value Scores, we’ve picked the best NBN plans with unlimited data published by Canstar Blue in each price category below.

Best Value NBN Plans August 2020

Best Value Basic NBN Plan

Flip Value 12 BYO

Value score: 8.6

Flip is one of the most consistently lowest-price NBN providers on the market, and one of the few telcos offering NBN plans across all four speed tiers. However, the highest value can typically be found in Flip’s unlimited NBN 12 and NBN 25 plans, which come on both a standard month-to-month billing cycle, or a ‘pay in advance’ option featuring a $5 per month discount.

Normally priced at $49.90 per month, Flip’s Value 12 plan is available for $44.90 when you opt to prepay your first two months in advance. This plan offers a typical evening speed of 10Mbps during busy hours, and features $0 setup fees and no lock-in contract. You can also add call packs from $2.95 per month, and a pre-configured modem from $129 upfront.

The following table shows Flip’s Value 12 BYO plan. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This table may include products with links to a referral partner.

Best Value Everyday NBN Plan

Flip Premium 25 BYO

Value score: 7.6

If you’re looking for a step up from basic NBN, Flip’s Premium 25 plan is priced at an affordable $49.90 per month for unlimited data. As with Flip’s Value 12 plan outlined above, this is a pay-in-advance price; opt for a regular no-contract plan with postpaid payments, and you’ll pay $54.90 per month.

Along with unlimited data, you’ll get typical evening speeds of 21Mbps between 7pm – 11pm, and the option to bring your own modem or buy a new pre-configured modem from $129 upfront. You can also add home phone call packs, including unlimited local and national calls from $9.95 per month.

The following table shows Flip’s Premium 25 Speed plan. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This table may include products with links to a referral partner.

Best Value Family NBN Plan

Belong Unlimited Standard Plus

Value score: 9.3

Comparing plans on NBN 50, with unlimited data at $65 per month, and typical evening speeds of 40Mbps during peak periods, Belong’s Standard Plus plan offers flexibility, value, and no hidden costs. Customers can choose from a 12-month contract with an included Wi-Fi modem and no setup fees, or go month-to-month and simply pay $60 upfront for a pre-configured modem.

Belong also offers SIM-only postpaid mobile plans, and is currently including a bonus mobile SIM and $80 of credit with all broadband plans. You’ll receive your free SIM alongside your Belong modem: simply activate it via Belong’s mobile app, then use it with any unlocked smartphone.

The following table shows Belong’s $65 Unlimited Standard Plus plan. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This table may include products with links to a referral partner.

Best Value Fast NBN Plan

Aussie Broadband Power User BYO

Value score: 9.0

When comparing to other NBN 100 plans, while not the cheapest Premium NBN 100 plan on offer, Aussie Broadband’s BYO Power User option is a great super-fast all-rounder for customers happy to bring their own compatible modem. With unlimited data, a $0 set-up fee, and no lock-in contract, it’s a flexible plan on the newly-launched NBN 100/20 speed tier.

Although this plan has a maximum upload speed of 20Mbps, you’ll still get downloads up to 100Mbps, with a typical evening speed of 83Mbps. Aussie Broadband’s Power User plan is priced at $89 per month, and the telco is the most recent winner of Canstar Blue’s customer satisfaction award for NBN providers.

The following table shows Aussie Broadband’s Power User BYO plan. Use our comparison tool to see plans from a range of other providers. This table may include products with links to a referral partner.

Which NBN speed do I need?

We’ve put together more info on each speed tier in this guide, but essentially – NBN 12 is the slowest (and cheapest) option, with NBN 100 being the fastest (and most expensive).

Not every provider will offer each speed to customers, and not every customer will be able to connect to the fastest NBN 100 plans – the speeds available to you will depend on the NBN connection type offered at your address, although most homes can connect to NBN 12, NBN 25 and NBN 50.

Here’s how each speed tier varies.

Basic Evening Speed (NBN 12)

  • Downloads of up to 12Mbps/uploads of up to 1Mbps
  • Good for small households and light users

Standard Evening Speed (NBN 25)

  • Downloads of up to 25Mbps/uploads of up to 5Mbps
  • Good for streaming and households of 2-3 people

Standard Plus Evening Speed (NBN 50)

  • Downloads of up to 50Mbps/uploads of up to 20Mbps
  • Good for HD streaming, heavier use and online gaming

Premium Evening Speed (NBN 100)

  • Downloads of up to 100Mbps/uploads of up to 40Mbps
  • Good for ultra-HD streaming and gaming, big households, and data-intensive use

Our Value Score & Methodology Explained

While pricing is always a major concern for consumers, there’s more to finding the right NBN plan than simply looking for the cheapest deal. In addition to comparing on pricing alone, Canstar Blue also gives you the opportunity to sort and search for plans based on our unique Value Score.

As mentioned above, Value Scores range from 1 to 10, with a higher score indicating a better value product. The Value Score consists of a Price Score and Feature Score: the Price Score accounts for 70% of the overall ranking, with the Feature Score contributing to 30%.

Best value NBN

Price Score

Price Scores are calculated by comparing a plan’s minimum cost per period to the cost of other plans available in the market over one, 12, and 24 months. Minimum cost equals the monthly cost, plus the cost of modem and delivery and any other setup or contract fees, minus any discounts or credits for that period. Using these values, Canstar Blue calculates and assigns a Price Score of between 0 and 100 to each plan.

Feature Score

The Feature Score compares over 100 features found on fixed line NBN plans, which are grouped into the following three categories:

  • Customer Service and Support (40% of score): Availability of support through call centres, in stores, in-home, online, self-service, and other channels.
  • Inclusions (35% of score): Typical speeds and data inclusions.
  • Billing and Payments (25% of score): Payment, statement, and billing frequency and options.

Scores of between 0 and 100 are given for each of the three categories; these are rounded to the nearest whole number when comparing plans on a Canstar Blue NBN search result. The Value Score, Pricing Score and Feature Scores of plans and products are re-calculated daily, with changes then reflected on Canstar Blue’s comparison tool.

For a better understanding of how Canstar Blue’s Value Score works, view our NBN Methodology Document here.

How we pick the best value plans

  1. Best Value NBN 12 Plan: The best-ranked NBN plan at NBN 12 speeds, as determined by Canstar Blue’s Value Score.
  2. Best Value NBN 25 Plan: The best-ranked NBN plan at NBN 25 speeds, as determined by Canstar Blue’s Value Score.
  3. Best Value NBN 50 Plan: The best-ranked NBN plan at NBN 50 speeds, as determined by Canstar Blue’s Value Score.
  4. Best Value NBN 100 Plan: The best-ranked NBN plan at NBN 100 speeds, as determined by Canstar Blue’s Value Score.

In the event that two or more plans have the same value score in any given category, the cheapest option will be featured.

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