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The home phone isn’t dead just yet. The NBN has somewhat revitalised it with service providers giving customers the opportunity to bundle both home phone packs and broadband plans. The common form of home phone type in these bundles is through VoIP and to a lesser extent NBN Phone. Find out what the top providers are doing and how much you can expect to pay for an NBN and phone bundle.

NBN Bundle Providers

Below is a list of some of the top NBN providers in Australia. Note that there are over 100 NBN providers and it would be hard to list them all! The home phone isn’t dead – you just have to find the right bundle. Hit the links below to see what the major providers are offering:

But before we jump into things, here is a quick selection of plans. Note that bundles are usually an extra cost per month over regular NBN-only plans.

iiNet NBN Bundles

Most of iiNet’s NBN plans have ‘pay as you go’ – or PAYG – VoIP home phone calls as standard, but you can expect to pay a bit extra if you want any modicum of calls. Calls start at 15c each untimed, but the telco’s higher-end plans include calls:

  • Unlimited ‘Boost’ or ‘Turbo’ plans come with local and national calls, while mobile phone call packs, and international packs can be had for around $10 extra per month.

iiNet’s most basic NBN plans don’t come with any call inclusions, but with very cheap call rates you will have to consider how often you actually use your home phone before you dive into a bundle.

Dodo NBN Bundles

Dodo has some of the cheapest NBN plans out there, but to get unlimited data you’ll need to pay about $60 a month, and for home phone calls you can expect to pay a little extra.

  • Call packs can be added on any plan for about $10 a month. This fee includes unlimited local, national and mobile calls.

International packs can be added from an extra $15 a month, and this yields up to 2000 minutes to 25 countries.

Optus NBN Bundles

Optus has a very simple set-up when it comes to home phone call packs. All plans come with unlimited data from $60, and home phone ‘bolt-ons’ can be added from $5 extra per month.

  • Local & national calls are $5 extra per month; mobile calls are another $5, and international calls to 25 countries are an extra $10 a month.

Beyond that, Optus also includes Optus Sport and Fetch TV entertainment bundles from $80 a month. Entertainment plans start with NBN 25 speeds as standard, but speed boosts can be added from $15.

TPG NBN Bundles

TPG offers a simple plan builder on its website with unlimited data available from just under $60 a month. Three speed tiers are available – NBN 12, 50 and 100, with the 50 speed tier only $10 extra. Phone packs are extra, however:

  • Phone bundles can be had from just under $50, which includes 100GB plus calls to local and national numbers.
  • Unlimited bundles start at about $70 and include local, national, 13/1300 calls plus 100 international minutes. Mobile calls can be added for $10 a month extra.

An extra $10 on top of any plan yields unlimited calls to local, mobile and national numbers but users may find benefit in an unlimited deal with calls already bundled in.

Telstra NBN Bundles

Telstra, as Australia’s largest telco, has some enticing NBN home phone bundle options. PAYG call rates apply to most NBN plans, while calls aren’t included until you pay around $130 per month for unlimited data.

  • Bundles include unlimited local, national and mobile numbers plus unlimited calls to 35 countries, and to mobiles in 17 of those countries.
  • PAYG rates start at 22c, while call packs can be added from $10 a month extra.

Telstra crams a lot in, but calls don’t come standard until you spend well over $100 a month. Still, for this price you receive extra goodies like a Telstra TV box, Foxtel and so on.

MyRepublic NBN Bundles

All of MyRepublic’s fixed line plans come on the NBN 100 speed tier as standard. Prices start at just under $70 a month, and this includes calls to Australian landlines.

  • Landlines are included, but mobiles are an extra $10 a month. International calls to 40 countries are an extra $20 a month.

No-contract plans are an extra $5 a month, and MyRepublic also specialises in specific plans for gamers and offers gigabit maximum speeds in Wollongong.

Other Popular Bundled NBN Providers

Did you know there are more than 100 NBN providers? While it’s impossible to list all of them here, it’s important to know there are more out there than the six mentioned above. Other service providers with home phone bundles worthy of consideration are:

Some of these providers have funky names, but don’t let that distract you from their competitive NBN plans and home phone bundles. Unlimited data can be found for under $60 a month with the bulk of these NBN providers, while home phone calls are as little as $5 a month extra. There are a whole heap of providers out there – the right plan for you is bound to be just around the corner.

Is an NBN Bundle worth the money?

Bundling your NBN plan with a home phone deal can save some money as opposed to if you sourced each separately. Not only that, but it can be more convenient to let one provider set it all up for you. Some providers include calls and a VoIP phone at no extra charge, while some charge about $5-$10 a month extra.

  • It can be tempting to find a deal with cheap PAYG rates, but those short phone calls can add up in the long run.
  • Before diving into a bundle, you will need to consider how much you will actually use your home phone.

One weekly phone call to Nanna could make the extra costs more than worthwhile. Home phones may be becoming a thing of the past, but funnily enough there’s pretty much never been a better time to bundle NBN and a home phone together. All you have to do is shop around for the best deals.

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