What are the best phone plans on the Optus network?


The Optus phone network is home to more mobile service providers than any other, meaning you have plenty of choice if the Optus network is your preferred communications platform. Whilst Optus owns and operates the network, the telco giant sells the use of its infrastructure to numerous smaller mobile carriers which are known as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs).

So, if you’re thinking of switching plans, but love the speed and service you’re currently receiving with the Optus network, you may want to consider one of these many third-party providers. We’ve reviewed some of the best providers and their SIM-only plans on the Optus network to help see you through. Read on for details or jump straight into our comparison tool to find a great deal.

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Mobile Phone Plans on the Optus Network

If you’re hankering for some extra bite to your mobile plan, there are eight standout providers all jostling for your attention, as well as Optus itself. Amaysim, iiNet and Virgin Mobile are all pretty popular, but did you know there’s a host of others out there on the Optus network that may have the plan for you? The leading mobile providers on the Optus network are:

Postpaid Plans on the Optus Network

If it’s a postpaid deal you’re after, then you can’t look past these leading providers. Postpaid is great for those who like easy, fuss-free automatic billing. Most of the providers mentioned above deal with postpaid plans, so there really is a lot of choice on offer.


One of the best-known and most popular MVNOs out there, Amaysim’s explicitly online-only business model allows it to deliver great value on all of its SIM only 4G plans. It also offers identical plans on a prepaid basis, so pick your poison. Amaysim offers four different plans with 28 day expiry, most with unlimited calls and texts and some great data inclusions. The increasing price points simply reflect the additional data as well as international inclusions, making these plans easy to compare. Be aware though that these plans expire after 28 days as opposed to the 30 days you get with most other carriers. So let’s just recap what Amaysim offers:

  • Easy to compare plans by data allowance
  • Some of the cheapest prices on the Optus network
  • Plans expire after 28 days instead of 30

This is how Amaysim’s plans shape up:

Bendigo Bank Telco

Yes, that’s right – a bank also offers mobile phone plans. It also offers internet plans. Bendigo Bank is one of the only MVNOs in this list to offer phones on a plan, albeit basic and previous-gen smartphones. You are also rewarded for sticking around for 12 months, with discounts and data bonuses. Unlimited texts are found on all plans, while unlimited starts with the $14.50 plan.

  • Cheap 1GB phone plans under $10
  • Incentives for signing up for a 12 month plan
  • Monthly billing

This is what Bendigo Bank Telco has to offer:


Perhaps better known as an internet provider, Dodo has been around for a fair while now and now offers competitive postpaid plans. Unlimited calls & texts come in at just $16 for the month, which also includes 1GB data. Dodo also has 8GB for under $40. Dodo benefits from offering its plans on both month-to-month and 12 month plans, but keep in mind that the former attracts a prohibitive set up fee of over $20, making your first month potentially quite expensive! Nevertheless, Dodo is still worth a look into.

  • Choice of 12 month or no lock-in contracts
  • Cheap unlimited plans
  • Set up fees for no lock-in plans

See Dodo’s phone plans below:


Perhaps best-known for providing great-value home broadband services, Exetel also offers five different SIM-only phone plans with quality inclusions. With unlimited calls on all of its plans, 4G data and monthly terms, Exetel is rightly proud of its straightforward products designed to appeal to all Australians. Plus, its two most expensive plan boast 30GB and 90GB of data! These plans use 3G data only, though. It’s refreshing to see a telco offering distinct plans. Exetel also brings a number of data add-ons to the party which represents good value. Just to recap:

  • 1GB phone plans costing less than $10
  • Incentives for signing on for 12 months
  • Keep an eye out for bonuses

Take a look at Exetel’s phone plans:


A telco with a reputation for excellent customer service and product value, iiNet was recently taken over by TPG, but it still offers its own unique range of home broadband and mobile phone plans. iiNet offers four different month to month SIM only phone plans on the Optus 4G network, with prices steadily increasing as you add more data. The latter three plans all include unlimited calls and texts within Australia, whilst the base plan’s generous $400 credit inclusion means you can still chat up a storm. Overall iiNet has:

  • Good data inclusions at low price points
  • Straightforward phone plans
  • Is renowned for outstanding customer service

Here are iiNet’s phone plans for your consideration:

Jeenee Mobile

Jeenee Mobile is an MVNO with a conscience. It uses some of its profits to help people with disabilities get hold of a phone for easier communications, to give them a sense of increased independence. Though, that doesn’t mean its phone plans are lacklustre – far from it! All plans come with unlimited calls & texts as standard and you get a choice of a no lock-in, 6 month, or 12 month contract, with lots of incentives for signing on for the long haul. You also get the same benefits if you simply stick around for a while – talk about loyalty! Jeenee Mobile also has three ‘Mammoth’ plans, which offer 30GB and 90GB of data. These massive amounts of data are on the 3G network, but are still great value. The rest of the plans are also among some of the cheapest in the competition considering the amount of data you get. Jeenee Mobile stands out for:

  • Giving back to the community
  • Unlimited calls & texts as standard
  • Massive ‘Mammoth’ plans with lots of data

Want to let the Jeenee out of the bottle? Here are the telco’s plans:

Moose Mobile

Moose Mobile has been around for a little while in the refurbished iPhone game, selling cheap refurbished yesteryear models, but now Moose Mobile is locking antlers with the big guys in the postpaid mobile plan sector. Moose Mobile is one of the cheapest no lock-in providers to offer unlimited calls and texts AND 1GB data. This plan is $14, while most others are a dollar dearer, with the $20 mark being pretty common as well. Moose’s other plans are fairly competitive, too, and it also has a range of 3G plans with big data available. For a cheap older iPhone and a cheap mobile phone plan, it’s hard to look past Moose Mobile.

  • Cheap unlimited, no lock-in plans
  • Cheap refurbished iPhones for sale, too
  • One of the cheapest 10GB plans out there

The Moose is loose. Here are the plans:


SpinTel has also been a quiet operator that has been around for quite a while. In competing with all these young hooligans, SpinTel has put together some strong-value plans, of which there are five in total. Three are your standard monthly phone plans with 4G data, and two are 3G phone plans with massive amounts of data. Its cheapest phone plan is under $10! The main takeaways with SpinTel are:

  • Cheap plan with 1GB under $10
  • One of the cheapest 5GB plans
  • Massive data allowances if you can swallow 3G speed

This is how SpinTel phone plans lines up:


Vaya is earning a growing reputation for providing value-packed phone plans at some of the cheapest prices around. The budget telco has a concise range of four phone plans, all of which are unlimited. In fact, Vaya is one of the cheapest unlimited providers in Australia, and with 1.5GB to boot – beating out others by 500mb. Data varies from 1GB to 13GB, and you can save money if you buy in bulk. With prices starting at just $16 per month and a new price-beat guarantee on similar plans from other providers, Vaya presents a strong proposition. Some noteworthy facts about Vaya are:

  • Some of the cheapest plans on the Optus network
  • Easy to compare plans based on increasing data offers
  • Price-match guarantee if you find better value elsewhere

Cop a load of Vaya’s phone plans below:

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offers a huge range of plans on the Optus 4G network, with 5 contracted plans, as well as 5 no contract plans. All of Virgin Mobile’s offerings bring unlimited standard calls and texts, along with free voicemail and an inclusion of international credit as well. Virgin Mobile customers can roll over their unused credit from month to month, and you can even earn Velocity Frequent Flyer points. Perhaps the big selling point for Virgin Mobile is its massive data deals at very competitive prices. Below is a list of Virgin Mobile’s SIM only plans, but it may be worth looking at the bundled plans as well – Virgin plays host to some of the cheapest iPhone 8 phone plans out there. Overall, Virgin Mobile’s key takeaway points are:

  • Good range of bonuses including data-free music streaming
  • Huge data bonuses and other incentives
  • Some of the cheapest iPhone 8 plans out there

This is what you can get from Virgin Mobile:


Yomojo is staking its claim in the postpaid sector with some solid phone plans. It’s another provider that also offers the same plans on a prepaid basis. While none are ‘bargain basement’ plans, what you get for your money is quite admirable. Yomojo has one of the cheapest plans to offer unlimited calls and texts plus 2GB of data, which comes in at under $20! Not only this, but there is also the opportunity to build your own plan, though the value here is somewhat questionable.

  • Cheap 2GB phone plan for under $20
  • Build your own phone plan option
  • Phone plans available as both postpaid and prepaid

Ready to go Yomojo? Here are the plans:


Of course, we couldn’t write a review of phone plans on the Optus network without mentioning the mothership herself. It goes without saying that the telco giant provides a fairly large range of postpaid SIM-only plans – 7 to be precise. You can choose a phone plan over 12 months or without a contract at all. Your one year commitment will see some extra value included. In addition to strong data offerings, the big selling point of these plans is that they also periodically provide bonuses like data boosts and limitless music streaming! Some plans also have included access to the English Premier League. The plans range from $30 a month, all the way up to $120, and Optus plays host to some cheap iPhone 8 plans. Below are a handful of them, but first let’s consider the main positives of Optus postpaid plans:

  • Watch EPL soccer on your mobile
  • Impressive data inclusions at mid-range price points
  • Better value on offer if you commit to 12 month contract

See what Optus has for you below:

Prepaid Plans on the Optus Network

If you like the no-pressure, ‘DIY’ nature of prepaid plans, take a look at these leaders. Prepaid is great as you can have the flexibility to recharge when you like with no hassle. Any top ups need to be manually recharged, which means no excess usage charges – your service simply stops!

Coles Mobile

All three major grocery chains in Australia provide phone plans (ALDI and Woolworths both operate on the Telstra network), but Coles Mobile stacks up well against its rivals. Coles has three plans – $10, $20 and $40 in price. The latter two plans are both on 28 day expiry periods, with unlimited calls and texts, as well as 2GB and 7GB of data respectively. The $10 plan is over 10 days, and even with this short billing period it still works out to be pretty solid value. You can recharge with your Flybuys points, though, keep in mind that the plans have 28 day billing periods whereas others are 30 days.

  • Three plans, all solid value
  • Stack up well against ALDI and Woolies plans
  • Over 10 and 28 days instead of 30

This is what Coles Mobile has to offer:

OVO Mobile

An exciting new telco on the block, OVO Mobile offers some simple, distinct plans that are sure to make a few people happy. OVO Mobile offers five different plans, with the top three costing $24.95, $34.95 and $44.95 per month. All have healthy amounts of data included, and three have unlimited calls and texts, while the two ‘kids” plans have dollar-values attached and access to a free cyber safety account. The value dramatically increases when you jump up into the higher plans. For example, for $24.95 you’ll get 2GB of data, $34.95 will give you 8GB and $44.95 will give you a massive 12GB of data.

Another neat feature of OVO Mobile is its unlimited streaming options. OVO Mobile has teamed up with V8 Supercars, Audi Sport Customer Racing and Gymnastics Australia to deliver free and unlimited streaming of these three sports using OVO Time – OVO’s streaming app. So if you’re interested in one of these sports, OVO Mobile could be a good bet. In summary:

  • Cheap ‘kids” phone plans with cyber safety account
  • Generous data inclusions for the price
  • OVO Play – a sports streaming app

This is how OVIO Mobile’s plans look up close:


We can’t forget about the maiden of the prepaid ship, Optus. In the prepaid arena, Optus offers four rather interesting plans that are up there with the best of them. They range from $10 to $50, and all have unlimited calls and texts. The first plan is a peculiar one – you have to pay $10 for a SIM card, but you receive unlimited calls and texts as well as 500MB of data when you trigger a ‘$2 day’. So, while this may seem expensive over the course of a month, the fact is if you trigger it every day then over 28 days you’ll get 14GB of data for $56. The convenience lies in not having to trigger a $2 day though.

The other three plans are a little bit more conventional with the standard procedure of increasing data with each plan. The most expensive plan – $50 over $28 days – has 10GB of data. Another great bonus is that all of these plans have data-free music streaming, as well as data rollover up to 10GB on all but the $10 plan. With these plans you also have the opportunity to bundle the plan with a phone from a choice of six. Just to recap, Optus has:

  • Big incentives to sign up to more expensive plans
  • Great flexibility in the $10 plan
  • Great bonuses such as unlimited music streaming

This is what Optus prepaid can do for you:

Who offers the best value on the Optus network?

If you’re after a new phone plan on the Optus network, there truly is a huge selection of great value offers to choose from. The list isn’t complete in this article – there are handfuls more that may be up your alley.

  • In the postpaid arena it’s hard to beat Amaysim, Jeenee Mobile and Moose Mobile at different price points and for different reasons.
  • In the prepaid sphere all providers have something solid to offer, with OVO standing out for offering cheap no-fuss plans with data-free V8 Supercars streaming.

However, there’s nary a bad apple in the whole landscape! In fact, each of these providers has a unique selling point. Some have big data at a cheap price; some have extra bonuses like data-free music streaming; some have iPhone 8 plans on offer and so on. Good luck trying to decide! It pays to shop around for the best deal that’s right for you.

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